Twitter Raises Character Limit for Tweets to 280: Reality Check Digital News

In this week’s digital news, Pinterest goes shopping for a new retail partner, Twitter doubles the character limit for tweets, and YouTube steps up its personalization.

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Instagram celebrates a milestone with kindness.

Instagram just crossed another milestone, with 800 million monthly active users — and 500 million daily active users. To mark the occasion, the company unleashed new features designed to make Instagram a kinder, safer place. First, users now have more say in who comments on their photos. With new moderation tools, you can limit comments on posts to followers or those you follow and block comments from specific accounts. The move is aimed at decreasing offensive comments. Other kindness initiatives include mental health support during live broadcasting and #KindnessComments, with colorful murals in the real world and new stickers in the app.

Twitter doubles its character limit for tweets.

Twitter is raising the 140-character limit. Tweets can now be double their current length — up to 280 characters. The move is meant to get users who are intimidated by the limitations tweeting more. Currently, the 280-character tweet is available to a small group of users only. It will roll out more widely in coming months.

Pinterest chooses a new shopping partner.

If you’re a Pinner and a Target fan, here’s some good news. Target will implement Pinterest’s Lens technology into its own apps in an exclusive new partnership. Pinners can scan items they come across in daily life and find similar items available for purchase at Target. The match makes sense, considering that home décor, fashion, and food are some of the most popular pins (and all available at Target). The retail brand has upped its investment in Pinterest ads as part of the deal.

YouTube steps up its targeting tools.

YouTube is increasing personalization capabilities for marketers in a big way. Newly released tools like the Director Mix lets brands alter their creative for different audience segments. A new Video Ad Sequencing tool allows user to receive different messages at specific times. For example, initial ads may focus on awareness, while later video spots hit other targets. Meanwhile, Custom Affinity Audiences targets users based on search history and mobile apps they’ve installed. One major brand that used the new tools for a campaign reported a 24% increase in ad recall and 55% sales lift.

Twitter releases October social calendar.

There’s plenty of reason to celebrate this October. Twitter has released its monthly calendar for brands to look ahead at social opportunities in the coming month. In addition to seasonally spooky occasions like Friday the 13th and Halloween, #InternationalCoffeeDay and #NationalTacoDay pop up this month. Sporting events and music awards also provide plenty of prospective social tie-ins.

Digital News


Vimeo launches full HD livestreaming.

Vimeo is joining in on the livestreaming video craze. The YouTube rival acquired Livestream, a platform focused on exactly what it sounds like — live video. It’s part of the launch of Vimeo Live, which allows content creators to share and monetize live videos in full HD. Vimeo Live continues Vimeo’s focus on high-quality creative video content, preferred by creatives and agencies. It is accessible via monthly and annual paid memberships.

Google gives parents more control over kids’ devices.

Parents whose kids use Android devices now have more control over what their children are viewing. After an initial invitation-only availability, Google’s Family Link app is now available to anyone in the United States. Family Link lets parents block or approve apps kids can download from the Google Play store. Kids’ devices can be remotely locked for study hours or bedtime. Family Link also offers weekly or monthly reports on childrens’ app usage, including a feature to limit daily screen time.



Published on September 29, 2017

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