Facebook Allows Streaming-Only Ad Buys: Reality Check Digital News

In this week’s digital news, Reddit jumps into the video ad game, Facebook Watch separates streaming video ad buys, and YouTube counts live viewership.

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Facebook enables streaming-only ad buys.

Facebook’s new video service Watch will pose an added challenge for competitors — streaming-only advertisement. Video ads will function the same as they do on TV or streaming services like Hulu and YouTube. This increases users’ likelihood of watching – and watching with sound. Previously, Facebook ad buys were bundled with pre-roll, mid-roll, and sponsored video posts in your news feed. Now, marketers can create ads that target specific viewing audiences without worrying about how the ad will play in other contexts.

YouTube shares live viewer count.

YouTube will soon be able to see how many viewers are watching along with them. The video sharing site is testing a live viewership counting measure in its mobile app, available now to a small number of users. The count appears beneath the video title, showing how many people are currently watching any given video. Google has not yet confirmed whether the feature will be rolled out widely to more users.

Twitter’s adds topic-based tweets in the Explore tab.

Twitter is introducing algorithm-based tweets to its Explore tab. The algorithm gauges user interests, displaying popular tweets under relevant topic banners like Movies, Humor, and Memes. Users have noted that your most recent behavior has a big effect on which topics and tweets you’ll see. Marketers can take advantage by generating engagement, tagging when relevant, and replying and liking more tweets.

Reddit debuts video ad platform.

Reddit is joining many other social networks in the video advertising game. The site debuted a feature that lets users upload videos directly to Reddit, rather than link or embed from another platform. And it’s also enabling mobile video uploads. This is big news for advertisers, who can now upload and promote video ads. Marketers just need to be aware of the ways Reddit’s user base differs from other social platforms. Straight advertising may alienate Redditors. Brands should also be cognizant of brand safety, carefully selecting which communities will display their ads.

Home decorating brands should set their sights on Pinterest.

Pinterest should be on every home decorating brand’s radar. According to new data released by the social network, Pinners are 44% more likely than non-Pinners to shop for home decor and spend 27% more on home decorating. Not surprisingly, the vast majority of these users are females over 24 years old. Sixty percent of Pinners have used the network for their home decorating needs.



Digital News


In-app ad spend will triple by 2021.

The numbers have been crunched, and in-app ad spend looks to hit $201 billion worldwide by 2021. In comparison to last year’s $72 billion, that nearly triples 2016’s figures. Roughly half of that $201 billion global spend will be in the Americas. More than half of brands’ digital ad spend is already on mobile, a figure that’s poised to grow in coming years. Audiences in top markets spend about four hours per day using smartphones, while 58% of mobile activity is in-app.

U.S. will see a boost in addressable TV ads by 2019.

Addressable TV advertising looks to get a boost in the next few years. In 2017, addressable ads are estimated to make up 1.7% of the overall TV ad business in the United States, a figure projected to jump to 4% in 2019. Targeting different ads to different households based on consumer data reduces wasted impressions and enhances ad impact. However, there are still a limited number of U.S. households with addressable capabilities. That figure also looks poised to grow in coming years.


Published on August 18, 2017

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