SRAX Recap: Snapchat peeks into Gen Z, Apple is the data privacy angel, AI infiltrates digital marketing

In this weeks digital news, Snapchat sheds some light into Gen Z, Apple’s new features make it the data privacy angel of the web and AI infiltrates the digital marketing landscape.

Snapchat gives us a window into the soul of Generation Z.

New Snapchat usage stats provide huge insights into Gen Z teenagers. Although a majority of Gen Z consists of young teens, Snapchat says marketers should not overlook their power. With 96% of Gen Z parents saying their teens influence family spending, Gen Z holds over $44 billion in buying power, and they influence an additional $600 billion in how their households spend money.

Financials aside, Gen Z is a generation who spends 56% of their time listening to music, streaming video and trolling social media. In addition, 65% of Gen Zers are over Instagram flexin’ and would rather show their authentic selves on the apps and websites that they use.

Apple and Google try to help cut back on smartphone addiction.

Apple followed in Google’s footsteps and unveiled new tools in iOS 12 that will help you spend less time on your smartphone:

  • Do Not Disturb: Hides notifications during a designated time. At I/O, Google announced something similar called “Wind Down.”
  • Notifications controls: Offers new controls over when and how notifications are delivered, including grouped notifications that enable you to manage multiple notifications simultaneously.
  • Screen Time and Downtime: Gives you detailed daily and weekly reports on how much time you spent on specific apps and allows you to limit time spent in apps.
  • Parental Controls: Gives your parentals new controls within apps.

Apple makes changes to Safari to give you more control over data privacy.

At Apple’s recent Worldwide Developers Conference (WWDC), the company revealed new tools as part of iOS 12 that will alert Safari you every time you’re surging a website that is sharing your information back to companies like Facebook. You, as the user, then have to willingly consent to sharing your web-browser information with others.

Facebook puts music and news into their own hands.

Facebook is developing new ways for you to include music in your videos. The company will release a “Lip Sync Live” feature that allows you to lip sync to your favorite songs, add a description, and then broadcast live. The song and artist will pop up on the video so that your friends can easily tap and follow the artist on Facebook.

Facebook also announced its first slate of news shows for its video section called “Watch.” The first round of shows, which will be exclusive to Facebook, will come from ABC News, CNN, Fox News, BuzzFeed and more. Some of the shows will feature big-name anchors like Anderson Cooper and Jorge Ramos.

AI infiltrates the digital marketing landscape.

As AI continues to expand, the digital marketing arena will evolve majorly in three ways:

Firstly, AI will reduce “cognitive load” for employees. This means it will free up time for higher-level strategic work that will lead to greater business results. Secondly, now that many mundane, data infused tasks can be handed over to AI, hiring profiles for standard marketing department positions will be deeply rooted in the creative strategy aspect. Lastly, bots will help build upon the “consumer-first” brand identity by trading in past advertising for content that is directly helpful to the consumer and their needs.




Published on June 8, 2018

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