SRAX Recap: Sabra launches vegan campaign, Sam’s Club delivers alcohol, Google Maps reveals new feature

In this week’s digital news, Sabra debuts emergency vegan hotline for bbq hosts, Sam’s Club offers alcohol deliveries for Instacart users, Google Maps alerts public transit riders of big crowds, and more.

Sabra warns ‘The Vegans are Coming’

Sabra Dipping Company, best known for their hummus varieties, launched a  new campaign, “The Vegans are Coming,” earlier this week. The campaign aims to help fourth of July BBQ hosts better cater to vegan guests with an emergency hotline, 1-866-Code-Vegan. Sabra’s tongue-in-cheek campaign hopes to help planners cater to all guests and their food restrictions. The hotline provides callers with a free ‘Rescue Kit.’ The kit includes vegan flatbread recipes, coupons, as well as themed laptop stickers. Sabra’s campaign plays on a nostalgic theme with its retro hotline number and kitschy infomercial advertising style. It goes without saying that this style of advertising is a trend in the world today. Many brands are creating campaigns that adopt classic 80’s and 90’s themes in an attempt to connect with consumers raised in those decades, specifically millennials.

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Sam’s Club launches alcohol delivery through Instacart

Sam’s Club announced this week that they’ve  expanded their delivery service with same-day alcohol delivery. The new service runs through Sam’s Club’s partner, Instacart, and currently active in 215 stores across a dozen U.S. states. Members can order alcohol through Instacart’s app or website, but obviously must be at least 21 to order and have a government ID ready to show deliverers. Same-day alcohol delivery allows Sam’s Club to rival similar big competitors like Target, Postmates, Drizly, and Amazon Prime Now.

The company shares its excitement in offering their loyal club members a new and popular service. Racquel Harris, VP of Adult Beverage, notes that “now you can select the perfect bottle of wine to complement your dinner or stock up on your favorite beer or spirits for the big game with the convenience of delivery.” Members will have a broad range of brands to choose from. Including both in-house brands such as Member’s Mark, and popular brands like Tito’s Vodka and Modelo Especial. Until further expansion, only select clubs in states that support alcohol delivery will offer this service.

Google Maps predicts busy public transit

Early yesterday Google Maps shared a glimpse of its new feature for public transit riders. Since public transit is often used by countless people, it’s understandable that many would prefer to avoid crowded transportation and possible delays. Now, Google will alert users if their bus, train, or subway will be jam-packed. By tapping into data from previous rides, Google will also share updates on delays. Updates include details on late buses, how long delays will be, and more accurate predictions on travel times based on traffic conditions. With this feature, people can inform others of a more accurate time when they are likely to arrive. As well as find a different route that avoids gridlock. As of yesterday, the feature is available in 18 towns and cities in the UK. However, Google plans to roll out the feature on both Android and iOS to almost 200 cities worldwide.

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Gucci’s iOS app lets you try shoes on remotely in AR

The Italian luxury brand, Gucci, re-launched a new iOS app that offers users a refreshing retail experience using augmented reality (AR). Within the app, customers can virtually “try on” their Ace sneakers collection. It’s very simple: users select the sneakers they like, focus their phone’s camera towards their feet, and thus lead to virtually try on the sneakers. The app also includes a photo feature that captures them “wearing” the shoes they want and allows them to share it via text, email, or social media. It’s essentially trying shoes on in person, but not really. Gucci’s app uses precise technology supplied by Wannaby, a Belarus-based startup creating AR commerce experiences. The app, developed through on-device and real-time machine learning algorithms, uses foot-tracking technology that’s strong enough to adapt to various camera angles and lighting. Most importantly though, following users footsteps as their feet move and rotate.

Facebook tests new option to mute notifications

Facebook recently confirmed testing a function that allows users to clear notifications and silence push updates. Although this function has always existed, it required a lot more time spent clicking and customizing each element. Now, users can turn them off with one click and rid themselves of those red dots that many find very irritating. The red dot is the symbol that alerts users when new messages, group updates, and videos on Facebook Watch appear. Even though Facebook has used the red dots to foster engagement for years, people have expressed public concern of FOMO anxiety and irritations. So, the social network clearly aims to help rid its users of as many irritations as possible. Those who like seeing notifications on the app are clear to continue their daily routine. Those who do not can turn it all off.

Published on June 28, 2019

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