SRAX Recap: Nike launches subscription service, Snap debuts Spectacles 3, Facebook introduces movie ads features

In this week’s digital news, Nike hops on the bandwagon with kids’ sneaker subscription, Snap’s Spectacles 3 glasses bring AR and fashion together, Facebook movie ads begin sharing more than trailers, and more.

Nike rolls out subscription service for kids’ sneakers

Nike has launched its much-anticipated kids’ sneaker subscription service, ‘Nike Adventure Club.” Although it’s an obvious strategy for Nike to maintain brand loyalty and increase revenue, it’s actually a very smart idea. The main reason being that children outgrow and ruin shoes very fast. By using this service, children will get a new pair every so often and help parents save time and money. So far, there are more than 100 pairs to choose from on the website. However, the service only carries sizes 4C to 7Y, for kids ages 2 through 10. Each box features the child’s name and comes with stickers, a games and activities guide, as well as a bonus gift.

Parents can sign up for the monthly, bimonthly, or quarterly subscription set at $50, $30, or $20 per month. Therefore, monthly subscribers will end up saving $10 a pair since kids’ shoes usually retail around $60. But the benefits don’t stop there. Parents can expect quick and easy exchanges without any return hassles too. Plus, Nike will also donate returns as well as recycle old pairs sent in (prepaid shipping included). All in all, the service sound promising, but Nike fans stay tuned. The company plans to roll out more models in the future, one rumored to be for runners.

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Snap’s Spectacles 3 made for AR

Earlier this week Snap unveiled its latest attempt at smart glasses, ‘Spectacles 3.’ According to a recent source, Snap’s Spectacles 2 were functionally better than the first edition, but still lacked in style. However, Spectacles 3 appear to have it all, boasting both 3D technology and fashionable appearance. The glasses have dual HD cameras that allow users to add 3D and augmented reality effects to their snaps. Users will have a great time adding 3D filters to their walks, 3D Lens effects to bike rides, as well as taking pseudo-3D still shots of friends.

Another key selling point to these glasses are the stylish look and feel. Designs come with steel frames, available in black Carbon or gold-tinted Mineral, with stylish circular lenses.  Complete with a foldable leather charging case. Although Spectacles 3 won’t be available until the fall, eager customers are welcome to start pre-ordering now. But be aware, these glasses are a limited edition. Meaning the lenses will sell out fast and raise in price to $380. Some will definitely think that’s too much money just to add some flair to snapchats. Yet it could also be a chance to experience the future of fun social sharing.

Facebook movie ads offer premiere reminders and showtimes

Film fanatics rejoice, Facebook has  rolled out support for upgraded movie ads that include premiere reminders and showtimes. Similar to events, users can click the “Interested” button to receive a notification when an upcoming film is about to hit theaters. The notification takes users straight to the film’s page where they can view showtimes as well as buy tickets through a third-party merchant. To sweeten the deal, Facebook will  also promote ads for released movies with a button that takes movie-goers to the flick’s showtimes page. This offers an easier process to plan a movie date without having to jump from app to app. However, don’t expect to see this update everywhere just yet. Although the movie ads share feature-times at all movie theaters, the new features are only present in the US and UK at the moment. Even so, this is a great strategy to influence people to pay more attention to Facebook’s movie ads rather than scrolling past them.

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Dasani water takes plunge with aluminum packaging

Earlier this week, Coca-Cola’s water brand, Dasani, announced its plan to switch to aluminum can packaging. Dasani’s decision reflects the support of it’s parent company’s “World Without Waste” goal. Hopefully by 2025, the company will make its packaging 100% recyclable. Including producing bottles and cans with an average of 50% recycled material by 2030. It was also noted by Sneha Shah, group director of Coke’s packaging Innovation, that the company is working to reduce its environmental footprint. They hope to accomplish this with smarter package design and by using recycled and renewable materials. And those goals are secondary, of course, striving to deliver the best consumer experience. Dasani also launched a hybrid bottle made from half renewable and recycled PET plastic along with new PET plastic. In addition, the water brand plans to roll out a “Dasani PureFill” dispenser. Which is an expansion of the Coca-Cola Freestyle mix and match soda dispensers. Until then, Dasani consumers should expect to see aluminum can packaging in stores across the northeastern U.S. in the fall of 2020.

Google expands college search features

Although this new feature seems a little late with the fall semester approaching, Google introduced its expanded college search features yesterday. But, better late than never, as there are many new features that will be of great use to eager applicants when the spring semester draws near. First off, Google added a new exploration tool on both web and desktop that helps users find US schools based on certain criteria such as specific fields of study and location. This also includes combined searches. For example, a user can find every school in Washington state with a nursing program.

Another helpful feature allows people to compare aspects like cost and post-school success. As well as filters that whittle things down based on distance, acceptance rates and similar factors. In addition, the search system expanded to cover two-year colleges in the US, not just four-year universities. Results for those schools will also give insight on total cost, including in-state tuition, books and housing. However, those more interested in four-year colleges can also research popular associate programs and certificates too. Suffice it to say, Google is doing its best to help every individual find the perfect school.

Published on August 16, 2019

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