SRAX Recap: Netflix announces SiriusXM partnership, Macy’s debuts retail concept, Bud Light extends Game of Thrones ad

In this week’s digital news, Netflix partners with SiriusXm to create comedy radio, Macy’s launches unique retail experience, Bud Light continues Game of Thrones campaign, and more.

Netflix Leans into Radio and Theaters

Netflix recently announced the development of an upcoming comedy-based radio channel. The popular streaming service partnered with SiriusXM to create the new entertainment channel, “Netflix Is A Joke Radio,” is set to launch April 15th. Netflix Is A Joke Radio features big-name comedians and their material from stand-up specials, TV shows, and movies streamed on Netflix. In addition, listeners can access original audio content from comedians such as Adam Sandler, Ellen Degeneres, Dave Chappelle, Sarah Silverman, among others. Although Netflix still remains dominant in the streaming service competition, it’s becoming clearer that the company plans to take further action to stay on the leaderboard. One of those rumors is that Netflix is entertaining the idea of purchasing a movie theater on Hollywood Blvd.

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Macy’s launches new retail experience

Macy’s department store has launched a unique retail experience for customers that offers various brands big opportunity for exposure. First off, it’s important to note that the concept is based off a concept created by Rachel Shechtman. She founded a small retail shop located within the department store, known as “Story,” in 2011. The boutique enticed customers with its monthly rotation of styles and colorful aesthetic. Acting as a special boutique within the store, it gave shoppers an opportunity to discover trending styles. With online shopping at an all time high, retail stores like Macy’s are adapting to consumer needs, and evolving their in-store retail experience. It’s clear that they hope to recover from recent sale declines, undoubtedly due to competing specialty and off-price retail. Macy’s plans to adopt the Story experience in many mall locations in high-income areas such as Newport Beach, CA, Houston, Lenox Square, and more.

Bud Light Resurrects Bud Knight with Game of Thrones Reference

Bud Light released an extended commercial this week, chock full of Game of Thrones (GOT) references. With the final season of GOT airing this Sunday, Bud Light has used the opportunity to bring back Bud Knight. The character was previously killed off in the brew company’s SuperBowl commercial. That commercial showed Bud Knight losing a battle to The Mountain, an actual GOT character. The Super Bowl commercial left audiences with a cliffhanger, hinting that Bud Knight would return for a new series of Medieval-themed “Dilly Dilly” commercials at some point.

That time has come, as Bud Light released this new GOT-themed ad. The new commercial shows a wizard casting spells to resurrect Bud Knight, a parody of Jon Snow’s resurrection from season five. Now that brew companies such as Miller Lite and Coors have responding commercials to Bud Light’s jabs on their ingredients, Bud Knight‘s resurrection sends a message that there is more to come.

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Twitter reduces maximum daily number of account follows

Earlier this week, Twitter announced they will place a cap on the maximum number of follows a user can send per day. Until recently, users could follow up to 1,000 accounts per day, giving spammers a few key opportunities. Namely, they were able to bombard users by following, unfollowing, then following again. Twitter has made a change, however, and limited this number to 400 accounts a day. Account users that are relentlessly pursued by spam accounts will welcome this change. The new update reflects Twitter’s shift in priority and focus. As of late, it’s clear that Twitter wants to give users an authentic, personal experience. This focus means the encouragement of one-on-one conversation with mutual friends and family. And that focus lies in contrast to prioritizing a user’s popularity and desire to gain a lot of followers he or she may not know.

2019 iPhones may grow to hold 3 cameras

In a surprising update, Apple revealed big changes in size for 2019 iPhones. Due to various new features the phone will support, these additional cameras may be necessary. Believe it or not, the addition of these cameras will likely increase the size of the devices. This revelation may come as a shock to iPhone users, since they’ve seen iPhone models diminish in size throughout the years. But with these more modern features on the rise, their phones will have to increase in size.

Apple is currently in the development stage creating two new OLED models for 2019. The company has adapted many new features that will rival the Samsung’s latest Galaxy S10 phone. The new iPhone models expect to have triple lense rear-camera housing and a rear wireless charger that will refuel the new AirPods wireless charging case. It is also possible that certain Apple Watches will have wireless charging as well.

Published on April 11, 2019

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