SRAX Recap: July 4th Goodies from Google, Top 10 Breakthrough Ads of Q2, AR for Pharma

In this week’s digital news, Google gives July 4th goodies, Ace Metrix reveals top 10 most breakthrough ads of Q2, AR improves healthcare marketing, and more.

4th of July goodies from Google

This year, America’s birthday brought you more than just your typical fireworks. In honor of the occasion, Google offered resources such as Google Doodle and a dedicated page in Google Trends that offered the top 4th of July questions, top “how to” barbecue searches in the U.S., top searched types of fireworks and more.

According to the page, searchers are most interested in July 4th fireworks. In addition, Google’s Google Doodle, designed as a map of the U.S., allowed users to click through to discover the top recipes people are searching for in a particular state. For example, “Spaghetti squash was the most searched recipe in Colorado.”

Google’s AI could be the next voice to handle your insurance claim

An unnamed insurance company has shown interest in implementing Google’s scary-real, AI voice-calling assistant for their own customer calls. The technology, also known as Duplex, sounds so similar to human beings that Google says it will have to disclose itself as an AI when making calls so as not to cause confusion.

Although many companies have used automated call centers before, none of those technologies have passed the Turing test – a test that indicates a machine’s ability to exhibit intelligent behavior equivalent to, or indistinguishable from, that of a human. However, reports indicate that Duplex most certainly passed the test.

Interactive methods using AR to improve pharma and healthcare marketing

Ninety-one percent of people with chronic diseases need help managing those diseases between doctor’s appointments. Using interactive marketing methods through AR to help patients with treatment and prevention information, could forever change the healthcare marketing game for the better. 

AR could be used for the dynamic interactive learning of patient diseases and how best to treat them. It also could be used for prosthetics and implant virtual experiences, and product interaction with medication through smart glasses or phones to learn more about the drug interaction information and side effects.

Facebook and Instagram test a Do Not Disturb feature and open-ended questions in Instagram stories

Facebook and Instagram are both testing a Do Not Disturb feature that will allow users to pick and choose when to receive notifications, if at all. Instagram also plans on rolling out a “You’re all Caught Up” feature that will inform users when they’ve seen all recent posts as well as an open-ended questions feature within stories that aims to stimulate engagement in the app.

Top 10 most breakthrough ads of Q2 2018

Ranking at No.1 on Ace Metrix’s list of top breakthrough ads of Q2 2018 was Verizon’s “Military Appreciation” campaign. In second, came Colorado Tourism’s “Unforgettable” with 68% of viewers saying they were “more” likely to visit Colorado. Petsmart’s “Stages,” which focuses on the relationship between a pet and its owner, ranked third, with viewers enjoying the relevance of its characters and message. Companies like Dove, Papa John’s, Iams, Huggies, Amazon Fire TV, HP and Sonic made up the rest of top 10.




Published on July 6, 2018

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