SRAX Recap: Introducing the Texting Doorbell, Michelob Ultra launches Father’s Day Campaign, Uber picks third city for flying taxi trials

In this week’s digital news, the doorbell gets a makeover, Michelob Ultra helps Instagram users celebrate Father’s Day, Uber announces third city to test its flying taxi in, and more.

The Texting Doorbell becomes anti doorbell doorbell

Millennials rejoice: the Texting Doorbell, a new IoT product, made its public debut earlier this week. Picture this: a doorbell that sends a text to residents instead of ringing. It’s common knowledge that people prefer texting “here” to announce their arrival instead of pressing a noisy button. So, doorbells haven’t been providing much use of late. Now, the Texting Doorbell sends that text for you once you press the button. The product aims to retrain visitors to press something rather than text, while also solving the doorbell ringing issue. Co-Creator Daniel Greenberg pointed out that the Texting Doorbell will be beneficial for parents with newborn babies and sleeping children, pet owners, and of course millennials. The Texting Doorbell will cost a mere $29.99, however the product will not replace Ring devices or traditional doorbells.

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Michelob Ultra turns Father’s Day tributes on Instagram into real cards

Early yesterday, Michelob Ultra launched its third Father’s Day campaign, #ULTRADad. This year, the campaign aims to help Instagram users pay tribute to their dads who don’t have an account by turning their #FathersDay posts into real postcards and sending them to dads. The campaign is a brilliant way to help Instagram users avoid wasting their loving tributes to dads who won’t ever see it. The inspiration behind the campaign stems from the dramatic imbalance of 8.5 million #FathersDay posts on Instagram and the 1.6 million dads who actually have accounts.

All Instagram posts that include the #ULTRADad tag will have a chance to receive a postcard. Postcards will show the typical Instagram photo design, along with the comments received. In addition, the cards will include a Drizly code that dads can use to order Michelob Ultra for delivery as well. The beer company hopes this campaign will help promote a positive and authentic use of social media.

Uber will test flying taxis in Melbourne

It was recently reported that Uber has chosen Melbourne, Australia as the third city to test its flying taxi service. Although Dubai was in line to join Dallas and Los Angeles for trial testing, negotiations reportedly fell through and Melbourne received the opportunity to be the first trial location outside of the U.S. The taxi service begins testing UberAir’s electric vertical-take-off-and-landing vehicles in 2020 before its expected launch in 2023. Melbourne’s test flights will transport passengers from one of the Westfield shopping centers to the city’s main international airport. It will be a 12-mile journey that will only take 10 minutes compared to the usual 25 minute drive. Passengers can book flights on the Uber app like any other ride for a price comparable to UberX rides. As long as they are okay with driving to and from landing pads called “Skyports” of course.

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Samsung introduces The Wall Luxury TV

Samsung recently shared a first look at The Wall Luxury, a massive flatscreen TV that recreates the movie theater experience. One report mentioned that “The Wall Luxury is an ambitious TV designed for the poshest of abodes.” This model starts at 73 inches and 1080p, but the MicroLED technology scales up to 292 inches and 8K, which is over 24 feet in a diagonal. Buyers will easily cover a large living room wall with this behemoth.

Samsung is also boasting over its Ambient Mode. Which features select art all across the screen when not in use. The Wall Luxury goes on sale worldwide this July. Although there is no official price yet, the report notes that it’s safe to assume it will range at “if you have to ask you can’t afford it.” Not to worry though, buyers can purchase a more modest alternative, such as Sony’s 98-inch Z9G for the “low” cost of $70,000.

Spotify redesigns Your Library to highlight podcasts

Early yesterday, Spotify announced it will roll out a redesign of Your Library for Premium users. The redesign displays music and podcasts in their own sections with three distinct tabs users can tap or swipe when switching back and forth. In the music section, users have tabs for playlists, artists and albums. The latter two hold all the artists and albums they have liked, while the other holds all their created and liked playlists. The redesign will also feature a new playlist called “Liked Songs,” which is a collection of user’s favorite songs they’ve tapped with the heart button.

In the podcasts section, users will have the option to view new episodes for shows they follow. As well as episodes they haven’t listened to including an overview of all the shows to which they’ve subscribed. In addition, the Downloads tab includes all the episodes users have downloaded for offline listening. The redesign is obviously focused on giving podcasts a distinguished platform within Your Library. Especially since it’s well-known that Spotify is currently investing heavily in podcasts.

Published on June 14, 2019

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