SRAX Recap: Instagram experiments with Stories donations, T-Mobile teases Sprint merger, Lyft introduces cheapest ride option

In this week’s digital news, Instagram tests a donation sticker feature in stories, New T-Mobile website hints at their Sprint merger, Lyft introduces “Shared Saver” as their most affordable ride option to date, and more.

Instagram Tests ‘Donation’ Sticker in Stories

Reports surfaced this week that donation stickers for Instagram Stories are in the works. It’s no surprise that Instagram would move this direction, considering the popularity of parent company Facebook’s fundraising feature. This last year, the Facebook version of the feature helped fundraise over $1 billion for various nonprofit and personal causes. That being said, the donation sticker for Instagram Stories will focus on helping raise money for personal causes and charities.

The feature allows users to scroll through various nonprofits, then place the sticker on a post in their feed. From there, any viewers who want to donate will be taken to a separate page. In addition, this feature will be a major win for small organizations to get the word out. They have a great opportunity to partner with influencers who can promote their cause to a larger number of followers.

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T-Mobile updates 5G website to hype Sprint merger

T-Mobile updated their 5G website to help build hype around their merger with Sprint, boasting rural broadband opportunities as well. Ever since T-Mobile announced their acquisition of Sprint, the merging companies have worked to combine their assets in different ways. One of the most exciting developments so far is their effort to create competition in the 5G era. “T-Mobile claims to have ‘deployed nationwide [4G] LTE twice as fast as Verizon and three times as fast as AT&T,’ a feat it intends to repeat with 5G.” In addition, the website update included beneficial opportunities for rural communities who would benefit from the in-home broadband options. Plus, the company comfortable claims that the construction would provide 100,000 local job opportunities for engineers and workers.

Lyft reveals their ‘most affordable’ ride option yet

Lyft announced their newest ride share option, the “Shared Saver.” Providing a lower price point than Pool, Shared Saver is the most affordable ride option yet. The new ride service will allow users to request rides in peak hours and still maintain a low price. The catch is that it requires users to walk a short distance to a designated pick-up location between two users. In addition, the driver will drop riders off at a maximum of two blocks away from their destination.

This new option function essentially like a slightly more personalized shuttle or bus. Lyft redesigned the app to inform ride sharers when drivers are nearby and have capacity for more riders. The service is only testing in Denver and San Jose for the time being.

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Apple reveals plan to bring iPad and iPhone apps to Mac

Apple rec has unveiled a two-year plan to consolidate their app stores, essentially bringing iPad and iPhone apps to desktop Mac and vice-versa. A quicker timetable for this merger was reportedly created to alleviate some stress for third-party app developers. While also bringing more innovation to Mac applications. Traditionally, developers are tasked with developing different versions of their apps for each platform, adding an unnecessary hurdle to the process. To add the process, Apple will also develop a tool to help transfer iPad applications to desktop Macs. This process, though far from complete, is already underway. So far, Home, News, Stocks, and Voice memos have made successful transfers, after they popped up in macOS Mojave last fall.

Amazon funds new high school education program in U.S.

Amazon announced plans this week to fund computer science courses in over 1,000 US high schools. Amazon’s “Future Engineer Program” will offer 100,000 underprivileged high school students the opportunity to learn about computer engineering. In addition, Amazon will award 100 students each year with not only a four-year $10,000 scholarship, but multiple Amazon internship opportunities as well. To accommodate students from low-income households, “all students in the courses also receive a membership to AWS Educate, which gives them free computing power in the AWS Cloud for their class projects and other content to learn about cloud computing.” Not only does amazon hope to build a new generation of engineers, they also hope to give these students a chance to land high-paying jobs.

Published on February 22, 2019

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