SRAX Recap: Hollywood taps artificial intelligence, Twitter rolls out chat feature, Netherlands debuts Amber alert system

In this week’s digital news, Hollywood reveals how filmmakers decide which movies to make using AI, Twitter launches a video chat option for users’ streams, Netherlands places missing child photos on ATMs, and more.

Hollywood experiments with AI to develop films

A new reports revealed earlier this week that Hollywood producers have been using artificial intelligence (AI) to scope out the next big ideas to produce. Seeing that the film industry deals with so many ‘what-if’ scenarios, production companies are using AI to predict smash hits and total flops before moving into production. Cinelytic, A Los Angeles-based startup, promises that AI will be a wise producer in the film industry. With the help of machine learning, the company licenses historical data on movie performances over time.

Then, it cross-references the data with insights on cinematic  themes and key talent indicators. Cinelytic’s software enables customers to play with their movies like fantasy football drafts. The process starts by inputting a script and a cast, then swapping one actor with another to see how the differences affect a film’s projected box office earnings. Cinelytic, among other AI companies, believe this is the future of the film business since machine predictions are reliable and very obvious.

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Twitter rolls out ‘Go Live with Guests’ option

Twitter announced yesterday it has launched a new live-streaming feature. The feature enables  users to add audio-only guests into their streams. The new ‘Live Guests’ option allows viewers to apply to take part in conversations with their avatar appearing on-screen. And that’s in addition to making their streaming audio available to all viewers. A spokesperson from Twitter elaborated : “Conversations on Twitter can take place in many ways. And our latest update to live video brings another dimension to how you can discuss what’s happening.”

As of yesterday, everyone will be able to hear what Twitter Live Guests are saying on the stream. They will also have the option to leave the conversation at any time. However, some users feel that the new feature seems outdated. With the unwavering competition between social networks from the latest Stories tools to AR, the Live Guests feature can seem a little underwhelming.

Netherlands places missing child alerts on ATMs

A new report has revealed that the Netherlands will be the first country ever to show Amber alerts on ATMs whenever a child goes missing. Soon, more than 300 ATMs across the country will display photos of missing children as a screensaver. As of now, Amber alerts will pop up on machines located in airports and malls or shopping centers. However, over time, authorities plan to broaden this service to more ATMs. Machines will also display information on two types of urgent messages: Amber alerts and Vermist Kind alerts, which is an alert authorities send updating citizens on  missing children. Both messages will show photos of missing children along with information about the child’s whereabouts. This feature is now somewhat of a trend, as many tech companies have been integrating Amber alerts into their services, such as Waze and Google.

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Uber starts deactivating riders with low ratings

Uber recently announced it will now require the same standard of good behavior from riders that it expects from its drivers. Passengers have always collected ratings but they’ve never faced consequences until now. Uber’s Head of Safety Brand and Initiatives, Kate Parker, stated “Respect is a two-way street, and so is accountability.” Starting this week, riders living in the U.S. and Canada will have their accounts deactivated if their rating is far below their city’s average.

Although Uber has yet to disclose the rating that places riders at risk for deactivation, a spokesperson did assure that if a rider’s rating puts them at risk, they will receive many notifications from Uber as a warning. These notifications will come along with helpful tips on how to be a better passenger. That way, these kind of dismissals won’t come as a surprise. Riders will have time to improve their ratings before being deactivated in Uber’s system.

IKEA recreates iconic TV living rooms

This week IKEA announced a new advertising strategy using its furniture to recreate some of television’s most iconic living rooms. ‘The Real-Life Series’, embodies IKEA’s purpose to create a better everyday life for its customers. Similar to the chosen TV shows, IKEA appeals to all people, regardless of background or living environment. There are three living room creations: Friends, Stranger Things, and The Simpsons. The recreations reportedly took around two months to complete, once they found perfect furniture pieces for each design. After that, the pieces went to a 3D studio, which transformed IKEA’s furniture into the TV living rooms’ layout. Currently, these recreations are in IKEA stores throughout the Middle East. Soon enough, the displays will go up in other IKEA stores around the country.

Published on May 31, 2019

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