SRAX Recap: Coke launches contest, Hulu addresses gender inequality, Smirnoff debuts Pride campaign

In this week’s digital news, Coca-Cola begins its quest for a new soda flavor, Hulu promotes a new season of Handmaid’s Tale, Smirnoff partners with LGBTQIA+ celebrities for Welcome Home campaign, and more.

Coca-Cola launches contest for best new drink concoction

Coca-Cola recently launched a Make Your Mix contest earlier this week, offering $10,000 to the contestant who develops the most unique flavor combination. Using Coke’s popular Freestyle machine, participants will create a soda fusion from blending two or three different available beverages. Contestants will need to upload a photo of their creation or some detail of inspiration behind it, along with the recipe to Twitter or Instagram by June 30th. Coke will announce the five finalists from July 15 to August 25.

Once the mixes go public, people can vote for their favorite until November 4th. Coca-Cola will announce the winner shortly on November 11th. Depending on the outcome of the contest, the company could get a new soda flavor to produce and market. All things considered, the contest could help strengthen its bond with loyal consumers as well as attract more. The Make Your Mix contest aims to benefit not only Coca-Cola, but their consumers as well.

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Hulu promotes third season of Handmaid’s Tale in NYC

Hulu announced early yesterday its plan to place 100 statues of women in New York City as a contribution to an upcoming one-day art activation in the Flatiron Plaza. Hulu’s installation focuses on the current concerns surrounding the gender imbalance of historical statues. Recently, reports revealed that out of the 150 sculptures currently spread throughout NYC, only five are women. Hulu’s 100 statue display is not only a response to this issue, but also ties into the upcoming third season premiere of The Handmaid’s Tale. For the first time on Friday, June 7th, NYC will have an equal number of statues in the city. Citizens in the area can check out 140 “invisible” statues, which are reportedly made from a mirrored material. Hulu’s art installation hopes to illustrate the hope of an all-inclusive future by reflecting the images of the women walking by.

Smirnoff collaborates with influencers for Pride campaign

Earlier this week Smirnoff introduced its diverse network of LGBTQIA+ influencers gearing up for the debut of its big multichannel campaign for the annual Pride parade in New York. The Welcome Home campaign features many high-profile celebrities, including Laverne Cox from “Orange is the New Black,” Alyssa Edwards from “RuPaul’s Drag Race,” and Jonathan Van Ness from “Queer Eye.” In addition to the main celebrations, the campaign begins with a digital video series starring Laverne Cox that will run on all Smirnoff’s social media channels, as well as displaying at LaGuardia, John F. Kennedy International, and Newark International airports.

In the video ads, Cox and other activists greet the expected tourists visiting the city to attend NYC Pride. Jonathan Van Ness will also be hosting a House of Pride pop-up experience from June 26th-28th in downtown Manhattan. Smirnoff noted that the 21-plus experience will serve “globally themed cocktails.” As well as feature six “Insta-worthy” rooms dedicated to depicting different aspects of LGBTQIA+ history and future. In addition, Smirnoff will run its own float on the day of the parade. Led by Alyssa Edwards dressed as Lady Liberty, and supported by 300 extra marchers.

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Pix Mini lets kids play games on a smart backpack

The tech company Pix debuted its latest product earlier this week, which is geared toward artistic children. The Pix Mini gives kids the ability to display drawings and play games on the back of their smart backpack. The Pix Mini is essentially the kid-friendly version of the company’s smart programmable backpack for adults. However, the Pix Mini is smaller and connects to any iOS or Android smartphone. Kids can also program it to display animations and puzzle games.

Pix CEO Margaret Rimek stated, “through a mere backpack, we allow people to express their feelings and emotions.” Aiming  to promote freedom of expression and interests, the Pix Mini also includes a library of books and cartoons to pick from. Along with a safety feature to keep kids away from busy roads, an alarm that notifies the child if they forgot their Mini, and a location tracker. Pix Mini backpacks will be available for purchase on Kickstarter on June 4th starting at $59.

Apple’s tvOS adds new upgrades

At Apple’s 2019 WorldWide Developer Conference this last week the company revealed a number of upgrades coming to “tvOS,” Apple’s operating system for Apple TV. To start, the latest version of tvOS (tvOS 13) gives every family member and friend their own Up Next list. This feature offers a personalized recommendation list of new shows and movies,  as well as a redesigned Control Center. In addition, users will also get a refreshingly new Apple Music and gaming experience. Soon, they can see the lyrics in sync with music playing and see songs tailored to individual preferences. Most importantly, with the Apple TV 4K, users will be able to play various games with their Xbox One and PlayStation DualShock controllers. Ceo Tim Cook noted that the new tvOS is more personal and entertaining than ever before.

Published on June 7, 2019

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