SRAX Recap: Brands Take a Stand, Snap Gets Gamified, Facebook for Transparency

In this week’s digital news, brands take a stand against fake followers, Snapchat gets gamified, Facebook pushes for transparency, and more.

Brands take a stand against fake followers on social

Brands have had enough of fake followers in the influencer marketing arena. Although the power of influencer marketing is increasingly in demand, Keith Weed, CEO of Unilever, the transnational consumers good company, vows to never work with influencers who buy followers. He says, “Trust comes on foot and leaves on horseback, and we could very quickly see the whole influencer space be undermined.”

This announcement signifies a major shift in the influencer marketing space, in which social media companies have already picked up on. For example, in an effort to eliminate spam and malicious automation, Twitter introduced new measures to fight abuse and trolls. The company will now update account metrics in near-real time, audit existing accounts for signs of automated signup, expand their malicious behavior detection systems, and more.

Amazon acquires service that delivers medication to your door

Amazon announced plans to pick up PillPack, an online pharmacy that organizes and delivers patient’s personal medication directly to their doors. PillPack even arranges refills and renewals on behalf of their patients, both improving its customers lives and the pharmacy experience. While the word around town is Amazon was interested in getting into the pharmaceutical space for a while now, this move marks the first step in that direction. Amazon reportedly beat out Walmart in the battle for PillPack.

Snapchat to get gamified

In an effort to distinguish themselves (yet again), Snapchat is working on gamifying their platform. According to The Information, Snap is already signing on game publishers. The feature is said to launch later this year. Given that we’ve seen a huge push towards AR with Snapchat’s “Snapabble” selfie AR games, and its newly launched Lens Studio AR filters, it’s expected that Snapchat’s gaming platform will be no different. What do you hope to see with Snap’s new gaming addition?

Facebook makes a push towards transparency

Facebook is releasing new tools within ads and Pages that give consumers more information about organizations running ads on its platform. You can now log into Facebook, select “Info and Ads” of a given Page, and you’ll see the ad creative and copy. From there, you can flag any suspicious or unwanted content. You can also see any recent name changes and the date a Page was created.

Facebook’s main goal is to help prevent misuse of its platform. The company also gave notice that they will be launching political ads labeling and archive in Brazil, ahead of October’s general election, which they already launched in the U.S. in May. This feature ensures that political ads are labeled as such.




Published on June 29, 2018

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