SRAX Recap: Apple Card debuts, Amazon launches donations , Fast food chains run scannable print ads

In this week’s digital news, Apple Card rolls out for early applicants, Amazon lends a hand to back-to-school shoppers on a tight budget, the fast food industry plays with QR code print advertising, and more. 

Apple Card begins its roll out: here’s how it works

Earlier this week Apple rolled out its much-hyped credit card, “Apple Card.” Early applicants will be first to access Apple Card, with a wider release to follow in August. In the meantime, Apple has released a variety of how-to tutorial videos so people can learn all the details. However, it doesn’t appear to be as complicated as some might assume. First, there is a simple five-step process to initially apply for Apple Card. Once the card has arrived, card owners will have to link it to their phone. And that process is the same for most iPhone models. It only takes a matter of seconds to activate the card, as one simply has to hold it close. Once set up, card owners can spend both in-store and online through Apple pay and Face ID. By using Apple Card, users will receive insights on spending habits. It’s fair to assume though that Apple should see a major boost in applications once initial reviews start flooding in.

Amazon Alexa users can donate school supplies via voice

With the back-to-school season right around the corner, Amazon has partnered with Shaq and Zappos. They’ll launch a school supply donation drive via Alexa devices. Customers can donate supplies by saying “Alexa, Donate to Happy School Year.” The truth is, school supply prices increase every year and not all families have hundreds of dollars to spend. Which is why economically disadvantaged families lean on philanthropic givers when the  season is near. Amazon’s donation drive helps guide customers through a $25 backpack order for students in need. Donated backpacks will come with pencils, pens, a ruler, and notebook. They’re shipped to the nonprofit “Communities In Schools.” All donors will receive a thank you message from Shaquille O’Neal. Shaq notes “With the Shaq-to-School program, we provide classroom essentials to kids who need them most.” Customers can donate through September 9, and Amazon will match the first $200,000.

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McDonald’s, Burger King, and Subway pilot scannable print ads

As consumers continue to shift their media consumption habits toward the digital, print ads have become less and less prevalent in the world of advertising. In response, ad agency Isobar Brazil and newspaper publisher Estadão have released a new way to make print ads more interactive with readers. With this new model, readers can scan a unique QR code on programmatic print ads to gain access to real-time offers. While being an engaging process for consumers, this his tactic also allows marketers to measure print ad performance. The goal of that pipeline being, of course, to create personalized content for the reader. Fast food chains McDonald’s, Burger King and Subway are reportedly the first brands to pilot these scannable programmatic print ads, though several companies have implemented interactive print ads in the past, including Netflix and Unilever. t’s still unknown whether programmatic print ads will help boost revenues for traditional print media, and for that reason, watching the results play out will be worthwhile.

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Google launches ‘Live View’ AR for Google Maps

Google Maps will launch their Augmented Reality (AR) walking directional feature named Live View. The beta version will soon be available to all iOS and Android devices that have system-level support for AR. Essentially, Live View provides quick and easy ways to orient yourself in an unfamiliar place. It does so by by showing you arrows and readable street markers overlaid on the real scene in front of you. As you walk through the world, you’ll be able to pull out your phone and check that you’re oriented properly. The feature will be especially useful for travelers hoping to navigate foreign countries. As a part of this new release, Google Maps will also now include a one-stop “Reservations” tab for their recent update. This tab will include all important travel information, including flights and hotel stays. The feature will even be available offline to avoid any issues caused by lack of reception. The slate of updates should be rolling out to everyone over the next few weeks.

Google debuts airfare insights and travel recommendations

Americans take over 600 million long-distance trips between Memorial Day weekend and Labor Day weekend. Tech companies know this fact well, and that’s why Google has stepped up to debut another new product. To prepare travelers for the busiest travel time of the year, Google has updated Google Travel. Their travel page will now pose as a one-stop itinerary planner. Google Travel aims to help people, plan, and research where to go and what to do while traveling. This  update will include more extensive and personalized information for travelers. This includes providing extensive flight fare information and important travel tips. Google Trips will be pulling information from previous travels and web searches to generate unique tips for each destination. Ultimately, the goal of this technology is to offer an incredibly personalized experience for each travel. Google Trips will also include travel trends. People will be able to view top deals and times to book around busy travel seasons. 

Published on August 9, 2019

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