SRAX Recap: Apple 911 Feature, Facebook Autoplay Ads, Instagram Long-Form Video

In this week’s digital news, Apple iOS 12 could save lives, Facebook embraces autoplay ads, Instagram comes out with long-form video, and more.

Instagram launches a new long-form video content application.

Instagram just launched its own long-form video platform, called IGTV, geared towards working with younger, ‘digitally native’ users who, rather than being brought up on traditional TV, are more accustomed to web creator focused videos. This move seems focused on creating a challenger to Snapchat’s shorter form publisher space, and could potentially disrupt the short-form video landscape, while also increasing its share on the influencer market.

Facebook comes out with Brand Collabs Manager platform and autoplay ads for Messenger.

Since influencer marketing has become all the buzz in advertising, Facebook launched a new tool called Brand Collabs Manager. The tool will make it easier for influencers and brands to connect. Influencers will be able to make profiles that brands can filter through by using a variety of qualifiers such as, those who already like your brand on Facebook. This is also a great feature for brands to detect and remove questionable users from their lists. Facebook won’t be taking a cut from any partnerships arranged through the tool, but it will obviously benefit from the subsequent ad campaigns that will run on its platform.

Starting Monday, June 18th, Facebook added autoplay ads to Facebook Messenger. Previous tests indicated that adding more ads to the platform didn’t affect user behavior. However, Facebook will continue to monitor user behavior to see if this change will have an impact on users down the line because, as Stefanos Loukakos Messenger’s head of business puts it, “Top priority for us is user experience.”

Microsoft brings visual search to smartphones.

Although late to the visual object recognition game, Microsoft recently launched a mobile visual search tool that pulls up relevant pictures, product listings, and text through photos on your phone. It can scan images from either your camera or photo gallery, identifying everything from wildlife, to notable public landmarks. On top of it, if you point your camera at a product, it will show visually similar products available online for purchase.

Apple’s iOS 12 will utilize technology that could save lives.

Apple revealed that iOS 12 will automatically share the location of 911 callers with first responders to over 6,300 emergency response centers in the U.S. More specifically, it will pinpoint the location of the caller within 165 feet, with an 80 percent accuracy rate. This level of accuracy will give response teams the ability to quickly arrive at the exact location where they are needed. All location data acquired will not be shared with third parties for any other purposes.




Published on June 22, 2018

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