SRAX Recap: Royal Wedding Livestream, Instagram Mute, Fake News Tips

In this week’s digital news, Instagram reduces FOMO, Google updates trending topics for marketers, and the Royal wedding goes viral.

New Instagram features seek to reduce FOMO.

Instagram is testing new tools that will allow users to keep track of the amount of time they spend in the application. This new feature will be under a “Usage Insights” tab and is the company’s first attempt at promoting positive mental health. The social platform is also set to release a new notification system that will inform users when they’ve caught up with all new content posted by the accounts they follow, as well as an option that will enable users to mute profiles from their feed. Overall, Instagram wants to reduce passive scrolling and help users better prioritize their time.

Twitter makes some political tweaks.

In anticipation of the upcoming U.S. midterm general election, Twitter released new icons of government buildings to the profiles and tweets of candidates. Starting May 30, if you click on the icon, you’ll be able to access additional information about that specific candidate, including the office and state they’re running for, and more. While Twitter takes a step forward politically, they seem to take a step backwards in the digital video market. In an effort to ensure GDPR compliance, Twitter announced that they will shut down all TV apps on Roku, Android TV and Xbox.

The Royal wedding becomes YouTube’s 5th most watched livestream ever.

For those of you who believe that royalty is a outdated, you might want to reconsider that idea. Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s wedding received 11.2 million views on YouTube’s livestream, and has totaled 32 million views to date making it the fifth most popular livestreamed event in history. The livestream peaked at 1.29 million simultaneously viewers when the royal couple exchanged vows. I now pronounce this one of the most viewed weddings in history.

Facebook fights fake news with new informational tools and videos.

Facebook is doing their part to stop the spread of fake news with a 12-minute video that delves into their work in addressing those concerns. In a recent blog post, John Hegemen, the company’s Head of News Feed, provides users with tips on how to spot fake news and announces a Facebook partnership with academic research teams to thoroughly address issues with fake news.

Google updates “Google Trends” tool, lending a helping hand to marketers.

Google makes some changes to longtime resource for digital marketers, Google Trends.  More specifically, they updated both their “Trending Search” section, which will now highlight rising topics in real time and its “data stories” section, which will now provide insight into big news subjects. They also decided to move the ‘Year in Search’ data report to the front page to make it easily accessible to users.





Published on May 24, 2018

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