SRAX Recap: Reddit Introduces In-App Native Advertising

In this week’s digital news Reddit announces new ad option, Snapchat features third-party influencer lenses, and Twitter signs soccer streaming deal.

Reddit introduces native advertising in its mobile apps.

Reddit is extending its ad options, giving advertisers the opportunity to reach app users with native in-feed ads. The company, which has over 330 million monthly active users, says mobile accounts for 41% of time spent on Reddit, and 80% of app users don’t access Reddit on desktop. Reddit’s mobile Promoted Posts appear like organic Reddit posts, including upvotes, downvotes, and comment threads. Native Promoted Posts will be available on iOS starting Monday, March 19, and will roll out to Android in the coming weeks.

Twitter takes soccer streaming from Facebook.

Twitter announces 3 year Major League Soccer (MLS) streaming deal that will allow them to broadcast at least 25 soccer matches through Univision. Previously, MLS partnered with Facebook for these weekly games, but Twitter lost its Thursday Night Football games to Amazon and the Golden Globes’ red carpet to Facebook. MLS says “our fans are the youngest and most socially engaged in pro sports, which is why we are excited to partner with Twitter to feature live matched on their platform.”

Pinterest releases new report on Deciders.

Pinterest has released a new report highlighting how women aged 25-54, also known as ‘the deciders’ for making most household purchase decisions, are using the platform. As reported by Pinterest:

  • 85% of female Pinners 25-54 use Pinterest to plan small or big life moments including finding a recipe (67%), taking a vacation (50%), and creating their ideal home (43%).
  • 77% of deciders on Pinterest are primary grocery shoppers and are 2x more likely to spend time researching food or drink ideas.
  • 78% say content from brands is helpful in their discovery process, and 58% say it helps them make purchasing decisions.

    Snapchat features third-party lenses to engage influencer community.

    Snapchat’s Lens Studio, which launched in December, was created to allow anyone to create augmented reality experiences, and potentially get picked for placement on the carousel. Now, the company is launching “creator boosts” a selection of Lenses from influencers that will be featured on the carousel. The influencers won’t be paid for their Lenses, but a carousel placement will help them gain exposure.

    Facebook opens Instant Games to all developers.

    All developers can now build Instant Games as the platform exits beta. In October, Facebook plans to move into game monetization, testing interstitial and rewarded video ads, as well as in-app purchases. Facebook also launched the ads API, updated its ranking algorithm, and in-game leaderboards. Read more here.

Published on March 16, 2018

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