Strengthen your digital competitive edge with the future of advertising technology.

SRAX provides the tools to automate and improve your performance across all digital channels.

SRAX gives brands and agencies the tools to surpass today’s marketing challenges with a custom digital media management platform. Here’s what it does:

  • Integrate inventory and reporting from all your vendors, channels and formats in one dashboard.
  • Build and save unique custom data segments in seconds.
  • Get deep insights into campaign optimization with a dedicated single point of contact.
Vendor comparison and scoring
Real-time campaign budget re-allocation
Customized reporting and client access

SRAX gives brands and agencies the tools to surpass today’s marketing challenges with a custom digital media management platform. Here’s what it does:

  • Message verified MDs and Healthcare Providers or reach your own list across top sites outside of traditional medical journals.
  • Deliver mobile web and in-app display ads to attendees of medical conferences and events.
  • Engage HCPs when they are using their personal handheld devices at practice locations.
380,000 MDs across all specialties
Proprietary whitelist of med-approved sites
List match and specialty ad targeting

SRAX Social combines a social media management platform and social strategy services with the power of programmatic technology and big data to strengthen your competitive digital edge. Here’s what it does:

  • Share, schedule and automate your social media content with our free management platform.
  • Amp up your brand visibility and awareness with managed digital marketing services.
  • Drive traffic to your website and landing pages via social referrals.
Free social media automation and management tool
Social media audit and strategy development
Influencer marketing and digital PR

SRAX app is the only free mobile app builder to monetize your audience through an ad network with direct brand partnerships. Here's how it works:

  • Create & customize your app in our easy builder.
  • Pull content from Facebook, Twitter, RSS etc... into your app.
  • Earn a share of the revenue from ads placed in your app.
No coding experience required
Placement in Apple App Store & Google Play
Automatic content sync & update

SRAX Reach matches premium content with ads in a custom ad unit that is built to perform in an engagement-driven world.

Here’s what it does for content owners:

  • Enrich owned content with additional premium content.
  • Gain guaranteed revenue from a fixed budget buy.

Here’s what it does for marketers and advertisers:

  • Access premium brand-safe publishers.
  • Deliver interactive cross-screen ad experiences at scale.
Fast, unobtrusive load
100% viewable
Rich-media enabled

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