Pinterest Becomes Your Personal Shopper With Lens Your Look: Reality Check Digital News

In this week’s digital news, social engagement means a bigger spend for shoppers, Pinterest becomes your personal stylist, and two-thirds of American adults don’t expect Big Data to stick around.

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Snap, Inc. continues to grow more brand-friendly.

In order to compete with other advertiser-focused social networks — primarily, Facebook and Instagram — Snapchat rolled out a few new ad-friendly features. The company has spruced up its targeting, adding audience filters to help marketers reach more specific user groups. Beyond age and gender, personal interests, time of day, and other segments can now be targeted. Additionally, Context Cards are now available to advertisers. They can be added to a Sponsored Lens or Filter, allowing users to swipe up for more information. Context Cards allow users to visit a brand’s online store without leaving the app. These new features aim to give advertisers more insights and control on the platform.

Facebook jumpstarts its appeal to auto advertisers.

Auto advertisers now have a little more horsepower when it comes to reaching the right consumers on Facebook. Given that car shopping can be an intimidating or confusing process for many auto intenders, many of the functions typically available through manufacturer or dealer websites will now be accessible entirely through a more familiar platform: Facebook. The network’s dynamic auto ads retarget based on users’ recent searches and behavior, showing them ads relevant to vehicles they’ve been researching elsewhere online. Auto sellers can upload inventory info to let Facebook users browse available models and prices. Consumers can also schedule a test drive or showroom visit, all within Facebook.

Pinterest launches Lens Your Look and Pincodes.

Pinterest is getting even more shoppable. The new Lens Your Look feature allows you to take photos of clothing you own in order to find items that match. The aim is to make your phone feel like your own personal stylist. Pinners will also see QR-style Pincodes in retail locations and magazines in the near future. Scanning these codes with your Pinterest camera takes you to curated pages that have ideas for how you can use the product you’re checking out.


Only 17% of Americans expect Facebook to survive.

Which of today’s biggest tech giants will still be around in 50 years? A study of over 3,000 American adults posed this question regarding Facebook, Google, Apple, and Amazon. The most likely to survive was Google, with about a third of people responding that it will stick around through 2068. Amazon and Apple came next, with Facebook trailing behind at just 17% of respondents. Of course, this means a solid two-thirds of Americans think none of these massive brands will make it in the long haul. The good news for Facebook? It came in at #2 in “hardest to live without,” where Google was again the champion.

Twitter unlocks new Premium APIs.

Developers are about to have more access than ever to Twitter’s data — especially those willing to pay for it. In addition to the freely available Standard APIs, Twitter is launching Premium APIs. Some will be free, with others starting at $149 per month. The social network will first roll out a Search Tweets API, giving developers access to the past 30 days of data, with even greater access coming soon. Twitter will also continue its pricier Enterprise APIs option for developers who need even more access.

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Social engagement leads shoppers to spend more.

There’s new data to support brands’ increasing attention to consumer engagement in social media. A new study finds that shoppers who engage with a brand via a social network will spend 19% more on average on a purchase from that brand versus shoppers who don’t. Over a lifetime, that number increases to 51% more spent. That’s a hefty financial incentive for brands to invest in audience engagement.

Social networks come first when it’s time to announce life changes.

Whether you’re newly engaged, expecting a baby, accepted into college, or nabbing a new job, the easiest way to share big news these days is with a post to social media. In fact, a new study finds that nearly four out of five people share milestones with friends and family on social networks. That’s more than any other method, with sharing in person, texting, and calling all less popular than social posts. Additionally, nearly half of people reported making a purchase for a friend or family member’s life events after seeing it posted on a social network.



Published on November 17, 2017

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