Pinterest Unlocks 5,000+ Interest-Based Targeting Options: Reality Check Digital News

In this week’s digital news, Pinterest adds 5,000+ interest-based targeting options, Facebook tracks in-store visits, and the digital advertising duopoly gets even bigger.


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Pinterest unlocks more than 5,000 interest-based targeting options.

Pinterest announced this week they’ve hit 200 million monthly active users – up 40% year-over-year. And with that, the company has also announced an expanded set of ad targeting capabilities. Over the next few weeks Pinterest will roll out more than 5,000 new interest-based targeting options to its Taste Graph. ‘The Taste Graph is Pinterest’s core data asset. It’s how we connect these 200 million people with 100 billion-plus ideas on Pinterest by modeling how the world’s tastes and interests evolve over time,’ says John Milinovich, Pinterest’s product lead for Taste Graph.

YouTube axes paid channels, introduces creator sponsorship.

YouTube is discontinuing paid channels for content creators. Since 2013 users have been able to set a price for their subscribers in order to monetize their followers. However, recently fewer than 1% of creators had paid channels. That number will drop to zero as the feature is abandoned in favor of a sponsorship model. YouTube Gaming was the first to adopt the sponsorship model, where followers pledge a set rate of $4.99 per month in exchange for exclusive content. The feature is currently being tested with other YouTube creators, too, and may soon be more widely available.

Instagram adds face filters to live video & tests 4-photo grid.

The three photo grid on your Instagram page may soon see a shake-up. Some users have found their grids changing to display four photos across. For the average Instagram user, the change may be welcome. But for brands and influencers who curate their content based on the three-photo grid, it may have an aesthetic impact. This week, Instagram has also made all face filters available during live video streaming and has added new ones exclusive to live streamers.

Snapchat adds creative partners for brands.

Snapchat has enhanced its advertising game, adding 14 new partners to help marketers get creative with ads. In addition to standard vertical Snap Ads that appear between Stories, the focus is on “post-swipe” experiences. When users swipe up on an ad, they’ll engage with content like games, mobile coupons, and shoppable microsites. One new creative partner even specializes in sensory experiences, like using smartphone vibrations to enhance an ad experience.

Facebook tracks brick-and-mortar visits for ad targeting.

Facebook is looking to narrow the gap between digital and in-store shopping. Facebook will allow businesses to retarget users based on who has visited their store. Calls to corporate offices or customer service centers are also a part of the new tool, alongside offline purchases. This Custom Audience feature will only be available to stores with 10 or more locations.

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The Facebook and Google duopoly is even bigger than we thought.

By now, just about everyone knows that Google and Facebook reign supreme in digital advertising. However, their share of the market looks to be even bigger than we thought this year. A new prediction estimates that the duopoly will gobble up 63.1% of 2017’s digital ad investment. That’s a few percentage points higher than previously estimated. Google will take more than twice as much as Facebook, with 42.2% market share versus Facebook’s 20.9%.

Mobile video boosts return on ad spend (ROAS).

Good news for mobile marketers — mobile ad effectiveness has made a considerable jump over the last couple of years. In a study of CPG brands, average ROAS increased 30% year-over-year. Much of this rise is attributed to video. While video ads typically cost more than ads without video, these ads bested non-video campaigns by 48% in ROAS. Video also had a positive effect on mobile ad effectiveness, with a 19% advantage over non-video mobile ads.




Published on September 22, 2017

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