New Guide to People-Based Advertising: Turbo-Charge Your Cross-Device Ads

How to get bigger results by targeting the most precise audience 

There are two types of digital marketers.

One type has embraced an effective way to reach the growing number of people who are mobile-first — who use several different devices and live on their smartphones. While the other type is standing by methods from the mid-1990s — when the most popular device was the pay phone. And they’re staying put while their audience keeps moving farther away.

There’s one thing that separates the two types of marketers: investment in people-based advertising.

How people-based advertising works

People-based advertising uses the data companies collect on their customers to identify and reach real people in an advertising ecosystem. It uses first-, second- and third-party data to find and message individuals wherever they are online. By making full use of the data you already have and data available from other providers, people-based advertising enables you to target real people as they move through the customer journey.

To stay competitive, your company needs to have a clear, single view of each person they’re targeting – across devices and touchpoints. Our new guide shows how a people-based approach can make that happen to give you a competitive edge in your advertising.

Read our guide to discover how you can:

1. Boost campaign performance and reduce ad waste

2. Develop a single view of your target audience

3. Engage your most receptive customers across devices

You’ll learn how people-based advertising can bring new power to a wide range of campaigns. Download our guide now to get started.

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Published on June 22, 2017

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