Reality Check: Live TV Events Drive 11% Growth in U.S. Advertising

In this week’s digital news, live tv events and awards help boost advertising market, 5G rolls out to major U.S. cities, Twitter ads bookmarking feature, and more.

Twitter’s new share icon lets you bookmark tweets or share them offline.

After announcing the planned update in October, Twitter has finally released its Bookmarks feature to all users. To save a tweet for later, you can click on the new share icon below the tweet and select ‘Add Tweet to Bookmarks.’ Not only will a bookmarking feature allow users a place to store noteworthy tweets (instead of retweeting a post to find it later), it will also improve the algorithm to show you more relevant tweets. However, for marketers, Twitter has yet to reveal how many users actually bookmarked a tweet. The new share icon also includes a ‘Share Tweet via…’ option to send tweets via email or text message.

5G wireless broadband technology to hit major U.S. cities this year.

It’s a race for mobile carriers to roll out 5G service. T-Mobile announced it is building out its 5G network in 30 cities during 2018, including Los Angeles, New York, Dallas, and Las Vegas. Sprint is also rolling out 5G to Chicago, Dallas, Los Angeles, Atlanta, Washington DC and Houston this year. Given that mobile is increasingly used over other devices to consume content, no publisher or ad tech business can ignore this growth. The bandwidth and latency benefits alone will allow ads to load faster and with more confidence. In fact, Sprint promises that the technology will deliver “up to 10 times the capacity of current LTE systems, significantly increasing data speeds for more customers in high-traffic locations.”

Facebook expands ability to apply for jobs to more than 40 countries.

Since introducing job postings on Facebook in the U.S. and Canada last year, Facebook has added new features and expanded the tool to more than 40 countries. Job seekers can find jobs in various places on the platform such as Jobs listing in the Explore section and the Jobs section on a business Page. When you fill out an application, your information will automatically populate with information from your profile. And when you’ve submitted, a Messenger conversation will open with the business’ Page. Businesses can manage job posts and boost them to the right candidates, as well as manage applications, schedule interviews and send automated reminders through Messenger.

YouTube rolls out new live-streaming tools.

YouTube’s live streaming features will now include chat replay, automatic English captions, location tags, and IFTTT (If This Then That) technology. The chat replay allows viewers to follow the conversation after the live stream is over by showing live chats alongside the video. The automatic captions which are powered by YouTube’s live automatic speech recognition (LASR) technology, will roll out to a small group of creators within the next few weeks. And finally, YouTubers can allow Super Chats to trigger real events using IFTTT. Connect devices such as lights, pet feeders, or even confetti cannons. More on the updates here.

Live TV events and shows helped drive a 10.8% growth in U.S. advertising.

The U.S. advertising market grew by almost 11% in January year-over-year, according to Standard Media Index. Digital led the growth at 16.8%, followed by national TV ads (7.1%). And radio advertising declined to 6.1%, followed by out-of-home (2.1%), and print (3%). Award shows like the Grammys, Golden Globes and Screen Actors Guild Awards helped boost TV ad growth 12% from last year. The Grammys alone brought in $61 million in ad revenue for CBS, a nearly 4% increase. And already ABC has reportedly sold out of its ad inventory for the Academy Awards, airing this Sunday.

Snapchat adds new Bitmoji animations to interact with friends’ characters.

The new version of 3D Friendmoji Deluxe World Lens lets your friends’ Bitmoji character join your character in your Snaps. To add someone to a scene, open a chat with your friend and hit ‘capture’ to launch a direct-reply Snap. Then just point your camera wherever, choose the Friendmoji Lens from the carousel, and position your Bitmojis where you want them.



Published on March 2, 2018

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