Instagram Extends Stories to Desktop and Adds New Photo Features: Reality Check Digital News

In this week’s digital news, Instagram extends Stories to desktop, Amazon woos influencers, and YouTube debuts its sleek and cinematic new look.

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YouTube’s new makeover rolls out worldwide.

The new YouTube has arrived at a desktop near you. The video sharing network’s sleek redesign has been implemented across the globe, targeting a more streamlined, less cluttered look. This includes a greater emphasis on user content and Dark Theme, which makes watching videos more cinematic. YouTube’s mobile app is also getting more sophisticated, with new features like double-tap rewind and slow-mo options. The YouTube logo has also been refreshed for the occasion.

What YouTube’s upcoming video swipe means for marketers.

YouTube’s decision to enable video swiping may have big implications for advertisers. The video sharing app plans to let users swipe through videos, which could change its current pre-roll ad model, too. Swiping-through video means ads could play between videos, instead of as a pre-roll attachment. It’s possible that this could lessen brand safety concerns, since videos would be seen as independent from ads. YouTube has garnered plenty of recent attention from concerned brands that worry about being associated with objectionable content found in user videos they’re not otherwise affiliated with.

Twitter releases September calendar.

Marketers can step into fall with a good guess at what consumers will be tweeting about this September, thanks to Twitter’s latest calendar. Hot topics include NFL Opening Weekend, the Primetime Emmy Awards, Fashion Week, and, of course, everybody’s favorite social media holiday, #TalkLikeAPirateDay.

Facebook Pages have 20% less reach than last year.

Marketers who depend on Facebook for social reach have cause for concern — the network’s Page reach is down 20% over last year. A study of 880 million Facebook posts discovered that average engagements has fallen from an average of about 350 at the start of 2017 to an average of 250 in May of this year. The drop is due to several changes to Facebook’s News Feed algorithm. Marketers will need to put more money towards their posts if they want to be seen by the right people.

Instagram Stories are coming to desktop.

In just a little over a year since their debut, Instagram Stories have outperformed rival Snapchat — and now they’re going even wider. Soon, Instagram stories will be available for desktop and mobile web viewing instead of just in-app. There are also plans to let users upload stories from mobile web browsers. (As with photos, desktop uploads won’t be possible.) Stories will appear at the top of Instagram’s web page, similar to their appearance in the app. In other Insta news, the app now lets users share non-square (landscape and portrait) photos in albums, and also released new weather-inspired face filters.

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Amazon targets influencers.

Amazon has implemented a self-service tool for YouTube influencers to submit themselves for the e-commerce giant’s Influencer Program. The program looks at users’ reach, video quality, and engagement to determine credibility and brand safety. Influencers get their own URL and Amazon page featuring products they recommend that can, of course, be bought on Amazon. Amazon has also created the Amazon Media Group for self-serve, programmatic advertising. Brands no longer need to buy ads through Amazon’s manager services.

New studies show adults spend half their digital time in-app.

A new study on internet usage reveals that U.S. adults spend 50% of their online time in smartphone apps. That’s quite a bit more than other methods, with desktop taking up 34% of users’ time and the remaining 16% split between tablet and mobile browsers. This figure is highest among 18 to 24 year olds, decreasing in older demographics. Americans over 65 spend only 27% of their time in smartphone apps. Also of note: 90% of smartphone app usage is spent in the user’s top five favorite apps.




Published on September 1, 2017

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