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In this week’s digital news, Amazon’s Alexa gets a celebrity cameo for the holidays, Facebook adds a long-awaited feature, and Snapchat jumps into the emoji burger conversation.

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Facebook finally rolls out a polling feature.

You might be wondering what took Facebook so long to introduce a way for users to easily poll friends. Twitter has had the feature for ages, and even Instagram introduced a polling option recently. But whatever the reason for the delay, Facebook Polls are finally here! Clicking on the “what’s on your mind” box will now give you the option of creating a poll. Users can add a picture or GIF to each option, meaning your friends can choose visual options in addition to text. For example, photos of two different options could accompany the poll, “What shirt should I wear?” For now, Facebook only allows polls to have two options to select from.

Snapchat steps up its ad efforts.

Snapchat fell out of the Top 10 most downloaded apps by Apple users for Q3, but it’s not counting itself out yet. First, Snap, Inc. rolled out Snap Pixel to help advertisers measure traffic driven from Snapchat to their sites. It will start by measuring nine conversion events, from Page Views to Purchases. The data can be tracked in Snapchat’s Ad Manager. Snap, Inc. has also acquired Metamarkets for $100 million. Metamarkets specializes in data dashboards and ads reporting. Clearly, Snapchat is aiming to let advertisers know it’s still in the game.

Instagram wants you to watch more Stories.

Your Instagram Stories aren’t getting any bigger, but the way people discover them sure is. You’ll continue to see small bubbles at the top of the screen when you launch the app. Now, larger rectangular preview tiles will also appear mid-feed, again tempting users to check out some Stories. Instagram Stories are used by 250 million users every day.

Facebook is the champion in last-click commerce.

Consumers use all sorts of apps to discover new items and make purchase decisions these days. But when it comes to sealing the deal, Facebook has all the others beat. A new study finds that 48% of social media users used Facebook for their most recent purchase. That’s in sharp contrast to Instagram, YouTube, and Pinterest, which are all under 10%. The study examined last-click attribution only, putting aside any other uses of social media that may have influenced a shopper’s decision.

Snap enters the digital burger brawl.

What’s the best way to make a burger? Social media users were abuzz about Apple and Google’s hamburger emojis, which both had their ingredients layered in ways many users found incorrect. Soon, Samsung and Microsoft’s burgers were also held under scrutiny. Naturally, Snapchat joined the conversation with a burger AR lens. Snap’s dancing double cheeseburger doesn’t solve any problems, with an entirely different arrangement of fillings. Snapchat’s burger also has a couple less-than-appetizing additions that the hamburger emojis don’t — arms and a face.

Digital News


Google’s app for service providers manages ads and appointments.

Google has made some updates to its local services offering. Previously known as Google Home Services, the program has been rebranded as Local Services by Google. A Local Services app helps service providers manage ad campaigns and appointments. If users get too busy, they can pause and restart their ad campaign in app. Businesses will also have profile pages with reviews, contact info, and other relevant information for customers. The program will be available in 17 cities by the end of 2017.

Amazon’s Alexa will sound a lot like Oprah over the holidays.

If you’ve ever daydreamed of having Oprah as a shopping buddy, Amazon is about to bring you closer to fulfilling that fantasy. Alexa hands her duties over to Oprah Winfrey for the megastar’s Favorite Things storefront. Oprah herself will talk you through why she loves each product, and of course enable you to buy it from Amazon. (All non-Favorite Things shopping will still be non-Oprah.) This is the first celebrity voice to take charge of Alexa — but probably not the last.




Published on November 3, 2017

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