Facebook’s News Feed Update Gives Brands a Wake-up Call: Reality Check Digital News

In this week’s news, Facebook makes big change to News Feed, brands hold back on Super Bowl ad teasers, and attribution is still top priority for marketers.

Facebook’s News Feed update gives brands and publishers a wake-up call.

According to the official statement, Facebook will “be making updates to [its News Feed] ranking so people have more opportunities to interact with the people they care about” meaning friends and family, not Pages. Brands will see less reach and engagement as the update rolls out. And Facebook warns businesses that any “engagement bait” language like “Like this post” or “Tag a friend” will not only penalize the post, but the entire Page. Read full statement in Facebook’s blog post here.

Snap, Inc. leaked stats show downturn in users.

New report shows Snapchat’s user base is quickly falling. According to the report, in Q2 2016 before Instagram launched Stories, Snapchat’s user base grew 17.2%. Last quarter, it only grew 2.9%. Also, the Snap Map feature has sunk from a high of 35 million daily unique viewers in June to just 19 million in September. And the Discover section spiked to 38 million in July, but has since dropped 4 million. Usage could drop even further when Snapchat rolls out redesign, which makes Discover less prominent in the app. Snapchat’s strength now lies in direct messaging and the redesign supports that by moving friends’ Stories into the chat inbox. More insights from the report here.

Third-party social media tools don’t negatively affect post reach.

A study of more than 200 posts across 35 profiles sought to find out whether using third-party social media posting tools negatively affects reach. Data-backed answer says no, there is no significant difference in social media reach and engagement whether posted natively or through third-party tool. Here’s a quick summary:

  • Facebook
    Third-party tools: 9 posts / 81,639 total reach
    Native posting: 9 posts/ 79,380 total reach
  • Twitter
    Third-party tools: 45 posts / 949,890 total impressions
    Native posting: 45 posts / 975, 223 total impressions
  • LinkedIn
    Third-party tools: 9 posts / 63,221 total reach
    Native posting: 9 posts / 54,646 total reach

Brands hold back on Super Bowl ads this year.

Last year, 49 ads ran during the Super Bowl broadcast, with 36 brands releasing their full ads ahead of time. And others made announcements and released teasers. This year, only two have released teasers as of January 12. AdWeek comments, “it seems now that the mentality of ‘shorter is better’ could be seeping into marketers’ Big Game decisions.”

Attribution is a top priority for businesses in 2018.

Ninety-one percent of marketers agree that measurement of their efforts is a top priority, yet only 13% rank their measurement abilities as “excellent,” according to new study. Also, many marketers are still using old-school measurement tools, including only Excel spreadsheets (51%), only CRM (70%), web analytics (68%), marketing automation (65%). And only 20% use a dedicated marketing attribution platform. The top metrics that marketers track today are web traffic (95%), email click-through rates (94%), and form conversions (86%).




Published on January 12, 2018

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