Facebook Gets Into Peer-to-peer Payments & Food Delivery: Reality Check Digital News

In this week’s digital news, Twitter enables bookmarking, Nielsen starts keeping tabs on Netflix, and Facebook brings food to your front door.


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Snapchat adds Context Cards.

Snapchat isn’t typically where users go to seek practical information, but that may change soon. Snap, Inc. has added Context Cards to snaps, allowing users to swipe up and find additional information about the content they’re viewing. The Context Card for a snap taken in a restaurant, for example, can show you the restaurant’s hours, location, and connect you to reservations. This Google-like functionality is the result of partnerships with useful brands including Lyft, OpenTable, and TripAdvisor.

Twitter rolls out “Happening Now” and “#SaveForLater.”

It’s common for Twitter users to come across content, such as an article or video, they’d like to check out, but don’t have time for right now. Up until now, liking or retweeting this content was the only way to make sure you’d find it again. But Twitter is currently developing a “Save For Later” bookmark function that lets you save content without the need to like or retweet it first. Twitter is also rolling out a new “Happening Now” feature that lets users find topics at the top of the news feed. Click on a subject and it will take you to a real-time display of tweets on that topic. The feature is particularly helpful for users interested in live events, from sports or television to breaking news stories.

Facebook gets into peer-to-peer payments and food delivery.

Facebook is getting into peer-to-peer payment game, enabling PayPal transactions via Messenger. This builds on Facebook and PayPal’s previous partnership, which allowed U.S. consumers to pay merchants in Messenger. Facebook’s peer-to-peer PayPal payments come along with a chatbot to provide customer service regarding transactions. In other Facebook news, Facebook is now also bringing food to your front door. Your favorite eatery’s page now combines multiple popular delivery services plus direct ordering from restaurants. Users can browse menus, read reviews from your friends and others, and of course, place a delivery order, all within the Facebook app. Best of all, there’s no transaction fee from Facebook for this handy service.

New Pinterest ad tools help brands find relevant users.

Pinterest’s search ads are now open to all marketers through the platform’s Ads Manager. Previously, search ads were only available to advertisers through direct sales or third-party tools. Pinterest is also implementing an autotargeting option for ads, which combs through Pinterest’s Taste Graph database to find relevant users. This expands functionality beyond keyword-based targeting. It is estimated that 97% of searches by Pinners do not contain brand names.

Digital News


Digital video ad spend is double TV ad spend.

More advertising dollars are moving away from traditional TV and over to digital. According to a recent study, the online video ad spend for 2017 is set to reach $135 billion, nearly twice what brands will spend on TV commercials this year ($71 billion). Video will also best other digital ad types, which total an $83 billion spend for the year. The study of 500 marketers found that 56% felt the need to create weekly video content, while 26% felt the need to release new videos daily.

Nielsen keeps an eye on Netflix.

Netflix has been notoriously secretive about how many people are watching both original and acquired content. Up until now, we’ve only been able to keep tabs on how many subscribers the service had. But now Nielsen will begin tracking streaming content on Netflix, followed by Hulu and Amazon Prime next year. Nielsen Subscription Video On Demand Content Ratings will measure Netflix viewing in a comparable way to other ways of watching TV. Ratings and audience segmentation will be measured along with reach and frequency. Mobile viewing will not be included in Neilsen’s Netflix metrics for the time being.



Published on October 20, 2017

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