Facebook Stops Counting Unintentional Ad Clicks: Reality Check Digital News

In this week’s digital news, YouTube lets you share videos in-app, Facebook excludes accidental ad clicks, and Google challenges Amazon in e-shopping.


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YouTube introduces mobile messaging and video sharing.

YouTube is launching its mobile messaging capabilities worldwide. Now you can share videos with one or multiple friends and chat about them in real time. Videos stick to the top of messaging pages, where they can be watched and discussed between friends, or in groups of up to 30 viewers. Now users don’t need to use a separate app (like Facebook Messenger) to share videos with friends.

Pinterest adds autoplay video ads for marketers.

Promoted video ads are rolling out worldwide on Pinterest. Following a test run last year, the platform now lets all marketers promote videos, which autoplay to capture users’ attention. According to Pinterest, 98% of users discover and try something new on Pinterest, compared to 71% on other platforms. And 93% of Pinners have used it to plan or make shopping decisions. Users are also significantly more likely to watch videos that interest them on Pinterest than on other social media.


Facebook stops charging for accidental ad clicks.

Facebook is letting brands off the hook for ads clicked accidentally. It’s easy to touch an ad by mistake, particularly on small mobile screens. Now, users that click away from an ad within two seconds will be counted as unintentional viewers. Marketers using Facebook’s Audience Network will no longer see these quick clicks in their metrics. Soon, advertisers will also see a metric for “gross impressions,” tallying impressions from non-human traffic alongside billable impressions.

Instagram tests livestream video guests.

Instragam is testing a new feature that allows livestream video users to add a guest to their stream. Guests share the screen alongside their host, allowing the host’s followers to see and hear both sides of a conversation at once. Guests can leave (or be dismissed by the host) without interrupting the stream. At the moment, only a small number of Instagram users have this capability, though Instagram plans to roll it out to more users soon. For now, livestreams can accomodate only one video guest.

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Snapchat rolls out a better Ad Manager.

Snapchat is now a more powerful tool for marketers, thanks to its new Advanced Mode Ad Manager. Features on the Advanced Mode include a media library, ability to save audiences and improved data reporting. The functionality is similar to Facebook’s Power Editor, making it faster and easier than ever to reach Snapchat audiences. For marketers who want to know more about that audience, Snapchat also released an infographic that gives better insights into its user base.

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Swipe comes to Google Shopping.

Google has upped its e-commerce game, adding a swipeable feature to Google Shopping. Now you can easily swipe through product and pricing information in a visually dynamic way. Users can input general or very specific searches (including model numbers) to hunt down available e-retailers and best prices. Filtering options are also included. This makes Google a much more functional mobile shopping tool. The move aims to dig into Amazon’s domination of desktop and mobile shopping searches, currently at 55%.

New study finds gender-positive messaging drives brand loyalty.

A new internal data study released by Facebook shows that gender-positivity in advertising affects brand loyalty and affinity. The analysis shows consumers respond 8-10% more positively to positive gender portrayals versus stereotyping. In total, 51% of women said they prefer to shop from a brand that promotes gender positivity, while 45% of men surveyed said the same.

Published on August 11, 2017

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