Yield Optimization

SRAX works continuously, impression by impression, to improve ad yield. Our predictive technology analyzes how audience segments will perform when paired with a specific demand partner. We then measure this real-time comparison against historical bidding trends to ensure quality matches – and raise income across time.


Get the highest price for your inventory instantly. Our real-time bidding technology creates a competitive environment where digital advertising buyers vie for your audience. SRAX integrates direct and indirect sales channels, including buyers who do not have RTB capabilities, into a single auction – so you get a higher eCPM.

Dedicated Customer Team

Receive 24/7 support both live and online as part of the full package of SRAX content tools. Each of our content owners works with a dedicated account manager focused on helping drive more revenue. Count on us to answer your questions, facilitate implementation, collaborate with our in-house technical team and provide the assistance you need to maximize your inventory.

Streamline your selling operations

The SRAX portal provides a holistic overview of how your inventory is selling. Our dashboard integrates all screens, formats and sales channels into a unified view, so you can spend time on revenue strategy and less on screens and spreadsheets. Set your passback threshold, create your price floor and build an advertiser block list – all from a single portal.

Stay in control of your content

SRAX helps you deliver the best ad experience for your audience. Control what appears on your site: With pricing and creative rules, you manage which types of ads run and which partners can buy. Improve interest and engagement with ad formats that suit your content, including the latest viewable high-impact ad units. And take advantage of our content aggregation tools – all to reach and monetize more of your audience.

Get insights that grow revenue

SRAX reporting helps you spot performance trends – from who is buying to what inventory is selling at the highest CPM. Plus, our third-party verification partners let you proactively monitor and assess the quality of your traffic to understand its value. With these insights you can identify audience segments that perform the best - and grow them to make more money.