SRAX Recap: Apple Releases New Privacy Controls to Comply with GDPR

In this week’s digital news, Facebook expands split testing tool, Apple releases new privacy controls, consumers want more digital coupons, and more.

YouTube lets advertisers buy TrueView ads based on reach.

TrueView ads are six-second skippable ads that initially launched with an ad-buying model based on watch time. Now, the company is releasing the “TrueView for Reach” model, which allows advertisers to buy based on total number of people reached. “This format can help you raise awareness among a broad set of customers – and do so within our 95% viewable and 95% audible environment,” says YouTube.

53% of surveyed consumers want all coupons to be digital.

A new study by Inmar found that coupon formats (paper or digital) affect how shoppers make purchase decisions. Here are a few highlights from the study:

  • 2 out of 5 U.S. grocery shoppers have bought more than they intended because of a good deal.
  • 55% of consumers said they use both digital and paper coupons, but 53% would like all coupons to be digital.
  • 63% said they would increase the amount of coupons used if the offers were available online.
  • 82% redeem digital coupons within a week, and 3 in 10 redeem in less than 24 hours.
  • 43% miss out on savings because they forget to redeem digital coupons at checkout.


Snapchat introduces group video calls and user tagging.

Snapchat has launched a new feature that lets you video chat with up to 16 people, and voice chat with up to 32 people. You can also switch between video and voice to just voice and use the filters too. In addition to group calls, Snapchat is also allowing you to tag your friends in your snaps and stories. And people watching your snaps can see the tagged accounts and add them as a friend.

Apple announces new privacy controls to comply with GDPR.

Apple is releasing four privacy management tools that allow you to obtain a copy of your data, request a correction of data, and delete or deactivate your account. These tools are set to roll out in May for the European Union, before going global. Under iOS 11.3, you can already see an icon that appears in some Apple features to let you know it’s using your personal data. In a recent summit in China, CEO Tim Cook said “The ability of anyone to know what you’ve been browsing about for years, who your contacts are … things you like and dislike and every intimate detail of your life… shouldn’t exist.”

Instagram limits the number of API calls per hour for developers.

In the wake of the Cambridge Analytica scandal, Instagram has scaled back the amount of data developers can access at one time. The API calls per user per hour went from 5,000 to just 200. This means third-party apps for Instagram analytics may not be working properly. Instagram has yet to officially announce the changes and has refused to comment. And the lack of warning or communication has been frustrating for some developers.

Facebook expands A/B testing tools and adds 360 and HD support in Messenger.

Previously, on Facebook, you could only split test different ad formats, visuals, headlines, and calls to actions. Now, Facebook has added split test support on ads optimized for post engagement as well as catalog sales, conversions, app installs, reach, and more. Also, advertisers can now duplicate a split test to use it as a template for a new test or easily restart a test. Facebook, this week, also released 360 degree photo and HD video support in Messenger, another reason for users to make Messenger their default messaging app.


Published on April 5, 2018

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