Hits New Record With Share Price Above $1,000: Reality Check Digital News

In this week’s digital news, Amazon’s share price hits $1,000, Snap Inc. acquires drone startup, Pokémon Go reveals cost-per-visit model for sponsorships, and more.

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Snap Inc. acquires drone startup.

Snap Inc. has acquired Ctrl Me, a drone startup that focuses on customizing the devices to carry heavy, high-end cameras. Since the company filed for its IPO, CEO Evan Spiegel declared that Snap Inc. was a “camera company.” And during that time Snap Inc. also released its first hardware device, Spectacles. With this new acquisition – and the buzz around drone technology – Snap Inc. has the ability to take its camera offerings one step further.

Instagram celebrates Pride Month with new set of rainbow stickers.

For LGBTQ Pride Month, Instagram has rolled out a set of stickers and tools including, a rainbow brush, rainbow sunglasses, a rainbow megaphone and more. And the stickers link to the #pride2017 Instagram hashtag. Also, Instagram is launching an international mural project where it will transform walls around the world into rainbow art projects. Check out the Paul Smith wall in Los Angeles below:

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Facebook extends Click to Messenger ads to Instagram.

Facebook’s Click to Messenger ads allow businesses to include a button to start a DM conversation from the ad post. Now, this option is available for Instagram advertisers, but will re-direct users to Facebook Messenger – not to Instagram’s messaging space. Connecting both Instagram users and Facebook users to Messenger bots marks the latest effort from Facebook to further integrate their main social apps.

Twitter releases major events calendar for June.

Twitter’s new calendar template highlights relevant events through the month, including National Donut Day, Father’s Day, and the Tony Awards. These events are likely to be conversation peaks and Twitter wants you to be prepared.

Twitter adds request inbox for DMs.

Twitter’s new DM inbox system will sort your messages into two separate folders. If you’ve opted-in to get Direct Messages from anyone, messages from people you don’t follow will go into a new folder called requests. In your requests folder you can accept a message, which will transfer the message to your regular inbox or delete it.

Facebook updates albums to let users add any post.

Facebook has added a new feature to albums that lets you add videos, check-ins, and text posts to albums. Also, you can follow friends’ albums and display featured albums on your profile. The update has rolled out to Android and web, with iOS coming soon.

Digital News


Amazon’s share price hits a record high above $1,000.  

On Tuesday, Amazon traded as high as $1,001.20 before closing at $996.70, up 92 cents. According to LA Times, a $100 investment on Amazon’s first day of trading in May 1997 would be worth more than $50,000 today. At $1,000 per share, Amazon’s market capitalization is about $478 billion, which ranks fourth in the U.S. behind Apple, Alphabet and Microsoft. It’s also double the market capitalization of the world’s biggest traditional retailer, Wal-Mart. Other companies that trade above $1,000 include Priceline Group Inc., NVR Inc., Seaboard Corp. and Berkshire Hathaway Inc. But, with more shares on the market, Amazon is 17% bigger than Berkshire Hathaway. Read more here.

Pokémon Go reveals sponsors pay up to $0.50 per visitor.

Pokémon Go-maker Niantic says it has driven millions of visitors to sponsored locations like McDonald’s Japan. The sponsorships turn these locations into Pokémon Go “gyms” that players can win for their team through virtual battle, and PokéStops, where they gather eggs and Poké Balls. A Niantic spokesperson recently claimed that Niantic’s cost-per-visit model is less than $0.50 per daily unique visit to sponsored locations. In Japan, each activated McDonald’s store attracted 2,000 visitors a day last summer. And given that McDonald’s Japan activated 3,000 stores in the country, the fast-food giant would have paid out $3 million per day at $0.50 each. Pokémon Go has since signed on Sprint and 7,800 Starbucks locations, hoping to boost in-store foot traffic. Read more here.




Published on June 2, 2017

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