Do you know the real value of your impressions?

Our proprietary yield management system works continuously, impression by impression, to identify and deliver the full value of your inventory.

How our optimization maximizes your revenue.

With SRAX yield optimization, publishers achieve both high fill rates and high eCPMs thanks to our proprietary yield management technology.

Compare multiple competition sources.

Our competitive auction environment consolidates the process of evaluating multiple demand sources. Access numerous demand streams, including ad networks, trading desks, demand-side platforms and direct sales, to identify the best offer for each impression.

Take control of your inventory.

Our optimization system packages and manages inventory within publisher rules to ensure the quality of bid matches.  Set your passback threshold, create a price floor and build an advertiser block list from the SRAX portal.

Use intelligent insight.

In milliseconds, the SRAX optimization system predicts how each impression will perform when paired with a given demand source. Real-time comparison of demand sources and analysis of historical data on bidding trends and impression performance allows us to extract insight that improves ad yield across time.

Optimize your inventory!