Snapchat Enhances Deep Linking with Unique Snapcodes: Reality Check Digital News

In this week’s digital news, Snapchat introduces unique Snapcodes, Twitter releases February event calendar, and Super Bowl ad spend is on the rise.

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Snapchat enhances deep linking with unique Snapcodes.

Snapchat has released a new iOS and Android update that gives users the ability to create unique Snapcodes that redirect to any website. To use the feature, open “Settings” and select “Snapcodes”, then “Create Snapcodes.” From here you can choose an image for your Snapcode and add a website URL. When users scan the Snapcode with the app’s camera, the Snapcode will open the attached URL inside the app. This could give businesses another opportunity to promote themselves with photographable symbols instead of a URL.

Snapchat’s unique Snapcodes can redirect users to any website.


Pinterest introduces Search Ads.

Search ads will open up ad inventory across the more than two billion searches made every month on the platform. The new offerings include keyword campaigns and feed-based shopping campaigns. Keywords can be grouped within campaigns in themed ad groups, and the ads will show as visual pins. Shopping campaign ads are pulled right from the advertiser’s feed, and ads can be dynamically updated based on inventory levels. Pinterest will be partnering with third-party vendors, including feed providers and campaign management platforms to help launch these new offerings.


Twitter releases February lineup for major events.

Twitter has released a new calendar template for February that highlights all the relevant events throughout the month. The company has provided key usage stats and trends related to these events. For example, 81% of Twitter’s audience is active while watching award shows. And conversation volume peaks with award show wins and performances. These stats are important to remember for the Grammy’s (Feb. 12) and the Academy Awards (Feb. 26). Find the calendar here.

Twitter released a new calendar that highlights all the events of the month.



Facebook combats fake news by updating its News Feed algorithm.

The new algorithm change will detect and promote content that is authentic and will cut down on posts that are “misleading, sensational, or spammy.” To build the update, Facebook is adding new universal signals to distinguish between spam and authentic posts. The company is also updating their real-time signals. If there’s a lot of engagement around one topic or one post, Facebook will perceive that topic or post as being temporarily more important to you and will show higher in your feed.

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Cart abandonment rates are on the rise, with a 2.4% increase between Q3 and Q4.

In 2016, the global cart abandonment rate reached a high of 76.8%. SaleCycle concluded that utilities and non-profits were the two industries that drove the abandonment rate up. How can companies reduce these sector specific abandonment rates? Businesses may need to improve the ease of use within their online purchasing processes. Learn more here.

This year, 30-second TV spots were projected to cost $5 million.



Companies spend over 10% of media budgets on Super Bowl ads.

A survey by NRF reported that 78% of consumers view Super Bowl ads as entertainment rather than a promotion. This year, 30-second TV spots were projected to cost $5-5.5 million. Additionally, over half of the most-shared advertisements from the 2016 Super Bowl aired before the game. Do the benefits of these TV spots outweigh the cost? Learn more here.


Collaboration between customer service and marketing improves retention.

A study by Salesforce revealed that consumers are looking for personalized shopping experiences that are consistent across all channels of communication. Today, customers publicize inquiries and issues via social media, compelling marketing and customer service divisions to collaborate in the workplace. Read more about the benefits of service and marketing teams working together.




Published on February 3, 2017

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