Snapchat Debuts Self-Serve Ad Manager: Reality Check Digital News

In this week’s digital news, Snapchat debuts self-serve ad buying tool, Facebook wants to hire 3,000 employees in the next year, and marketers report original digital video spend has doubled.

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YouTube revamps its desktop site.

The redesign features Google’s design language, Material Design, a dark theme, minor search updates and a new theater mode. The Material Design offers a “beautiful, delightful and intuitive user experience,” says YouTube. The dark theme is easier on your eyes when watching at night and shows the video’s true colors. And the theater mode is slightly wider than before and now features a black background. The redesign is still in progress and not everyone will be able to opt in for the new experience yet.

Facebook will hire 3,000 people to review violent content.

Facebook CEO, Mark Zuckerberg has announced that the company will be hiring 3,000 people to its global community operations team over the next year to build a safer online community. The moderators will help review reports on violent content as well as other banned content like hate speech and child exploitation. Also, Facebook is building tools to make it easier for users to report problems and speed up the response process.

Snapchat introduces takeover-style ad option.

Snapchat’s new ad-buying option, Snap Ads Max Reach, is a takeover ad that can reach everyone in the U.S. who views any Story on a given day. Snap Ads Max Reach campaigns are only available in the U.S. and can only be bought directly through Snapchat. Now, Snapchat has takeover-style options for each of its three ad formats: Snap Ads, Sponsored Geofilters and Sponsored Lens.

Twitter releases major events calendar for May.

Twitter’s new calendar template highlights relevant events throughout the month, including the BBMAs, Mother’s Day, Kentucky Derby, and more. These events are likely be conversation peaks and Twitter wants you to be prepared.

Snapchat debuts self-serve ad buying tool.

Snapchat has debuted a self-serve tool called Snapchat Ad Manager that makes it easier for advertisers to buy ads. The company has been testing the self-serve tool with over 20 brands and will open it to all advertisers next month. Advertisers can only buy Snap Ads, not Sponsored Lenses or Sponsored Geofilters. But, Snap Ads can feature attachments like a web page, a longer video, or a redirect to an app store. Also, advertisers can use any of Snapchat’s targeting options and can buy on a CPM basis or use the platform’s goal-based bidding options.

Twitter announces 24/7 live shows lineup.

Twitter has announced a new partnership with Bloomberg Media to broadcast 24/7 streaming video news. The new update will include live news from Bloomberg, BuzzFeed, Vox Media, and more. Also, Twitter will feature a 24/7 sports channel that will mix live broadcasts with highlight clips and re-airs. “In an era when most viewers are choosing immediacy over quality in breaking news, traditional media hasn’t kept up,” said Justin B. Smith, chief executive of Bloomberg Media. “With this new network, we are setting out to reinvent the digital breaking news experience.” As a result, Twitter’s stock rose 6.4% to $17.54 a share. For advertisers, the announcement provides new opportunities to buy pre- and mid-roll ads against the new shows and channels through Twitter’s Amplify program.


Digital News


Marketers report original digital video spend has nearly doubled since 2015.

Eighty percent of marketers and media buyers plan to increase spending on original digital video, according to IAB research. Original digital video now makes up 47% of digital video, up from 45% in 2016. And native advertising accounts for 42% of original digital video investment, up from 32% in 2016. “As video evolves with the introduction of VR and 360-degree technologies, we can expect to see original digital video play an even bigger part in brand strategy,” says Anna Bager, Senior Vice President and General Manager, Mobile and Video, IAB.

U.S. adults will spend more than half the day with major media.

U.S adults’ average daily time spent with major media will exceed 12 hours this year, according to eMarketer’s latest report. Also, eMarketer estimates that nonvoice time spent per day by smartphone users will rise from 2 hours 18 minutes in 2014 to 2 hours 42 minutes by 2019. And in-app smartphone time will increase by 42 minutes per day between 2014 and 2019.




Published on May 5, 2017

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