Are you using real time to make real revenue?

The powerful SRAX real-time bidding platform instantly connects online publishers with multiple demand sources in real time to earn the highest eCPM on every impression.

In the SRAX real-time bidding system impressions are placed up for auction as they become available.  Each bid request is exposed to competing direct and indirect demand sources according to a series of pricing and creative rules set by the publisher. Sophisticated algorithms sort and evaluate returning offers to identify the highest bid that meets publisher criteria.

How our real-time bidding platform maximizes your revenue.

Selling in real time creates a competitive environment where publishers can access buyers offering the highest bid and gain deep insight into inventory dynamics.

Sell all types of inventory.

SRAX allows publishers to sell multiple formats of inventory, from mobile and desktop display and video to in-app ads, in real-time from a single intuitive platform. With multiple formats and multi-device optimization, publishers gain even more opportunities to monetize their inventory and increase revenue.

Leverage your direct and indirect sales.

SRAX offers a comprehensive solution for both direct and indirect sales.  By integrating direct and automated sales, SRAX makes it possible for publishers to capture a full range of revenue opportunities without committing to a single sales channel. Even buyers who do not have native RTB capabilities can place a bid thanks to our proprietary predictive technology.

Maintain full control of your brand.

We believe that the RTB ecosystem shouldn’t be confusing or opaque. When publishers use the SRAX portal to manage and optimize inventory they maintain full control over their impressions. Our extensive detailed reporting interface ensures complete transparency and provides a wealth of insight. Information on who is buying and which inventory is performing the best proves invaluable for further understanding and optimizing publisher operations.

Sell in real time!