Pinterest Brings Search to the Real World: Reality Check Digital News

In this week’s digital news, Pinterest brings search to the real world and Instagram surpasses Twitter’s web footprint. Plus, check out the social media stats from Super Bowl 51.

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Twitter announces new safety features. 

“Safe search” will remove tweets that contain sensitive content or tweets in blocked/muted accounts. Also, Twitter says it will collapse tweets that are low quality or abusive. And they will be more proactive about ensuring users of suspended accounts do not create new accounts.

Instagram surpasses Twitter’s web footprint in 2016.

According to an analysis of one million sites by SimilarTech, Instagram’s widgets and posts were found on 128,000 sites, compared to the 124,000 sites with Twitter widgets and posts. And from January through December of 2016, Instagram’s footprint expanded 308%, compared to Twitter’s footprint which expanded 36%. One theory attributes the sudden increase to Instagram’s switch from a reverse-chronological feed to an algorithmic feed. According to this scenario, users began embedding Instagram posts on their own sites in fear that the new algorithm would lower post views.

Pinterest brings search to the real world.

Pinterest has launched a new mobile app called Lens. The app uses your phone’s camera to capture physical objects and pull up related items from Pinterest. Once Lens has captured the object, it displays tags associated with the object and also relevant pins. Pinterest Lens is still in testing but will roll out to iPhone and Android owners in the U.S. soon.

Facebook adds animated GIFs to Facebook Ads.

This new option is available in the ‘Ad Format’ section in Ads Manager. To add a GIF, choose the ‘Single Video’ option and upload your selected image. The GIF will then autoplay in the News Feed.

YouTube adds mobile live stream & monetizes feature with Super Chat.

YouTube is opening up mobile live streaming to creators with at least 10,000 subscribers. In addition, it has introduced a Super Chat feature that lets viewers pay to have their messages highlighted and pinned to the top of chat for up to five hours. Also, YouTube has slowed down the live chat messages to give creators a chance to read them.


LinkedIn introduces the option to disable and report comments.

LinkedIn users now have the ability to switch off and report comments on their posts. As LinkedIn expands their user base, the amount of abusive behavior that takes place on the platform increases. Learn more about the recent improvements LinkedIn has been making to improve quality.

Digital News


Is the average business-related video too long?

With business-related videos averaging 8 minutes long, what are the best practices to keep viewers engaged? According to a survey by Vidyard, videos that are less than 90 seconds long have a completion rate of 53%. Additionally, 1 in 8 people will stop watching a video within the first 10 seconds of opening it. Other results from the study show video views are highest in the middle of the week, with Wednesdays (18%) seeing the highest share of weekly views. View the report for more insight.

B2C influencer marketing is on the rise in 2017.

A survey by Traackr explained that 55% of B2C companies are implementing influencer marketing (IM) programs because they been proven to enhance brand advocacy, increase brand awareness, and attain new target markets. IM programs have also been said to positively impact social media by 80% and content marketing campaigns by 70%.

7 Super Bowl 51 Social Media Stats


1. 190.8 million Super Bowl social media interactions happened across Facebook and Twitter from 48.3 million people.

2.  Social activity for the game peaked between 7:30 PST p.m. and 7:34 PST p.m. with 7.5 million interactions after the New England Patriots defeated the Atlanta Falcons.

3.  On Twitter, each person in the U.S. interacted 4.4 times on average.

4.  There were 175.5 million interactions on Facebook in the U.S. Of the people who interacted, 62% were female and 42% were under the age of 35.

5.  Hashtags were in 30% of Super Bowl 51 ads, down significantly from 45 last year.

6. More than 90% of this year’s Super Bowl social media interactions happened on mobile.

7.  On Instagram, 44 million users were involved in Super Bowl-related activities that totaled 150 million interactions.




Published on February 10, 2017

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