Make it easy to buy in real time 

Take advantage of the benefits of real-time bidding even if you don’t have an in-house ad operations team. The SRAX team manages your targeted buys with a customized strategy that optimizes campaign impact and achieves real results in real time.

Get straight to the results

We help you access the benefits of an RTB ecosystem even if you don’t have the expertise or the technology. Use our managed RTB and you don’t have to lose time on the mechanics of buying ad impressions. Managed services save you the expense of retraining or expanding your team and prevent the cost of investing in technology.

Increase the effectiveness of your campaigns

Optimize the impact of your media buys with an experienced team.  Thanks to our zero tolerance policy on fraud and questionable content, you can be sure that the impressions you buy have real results and are placed in a brand-safe context.

Hit your target

We use deep insight to implement, drive and optimize your targeting.  With data drawn across multiple metrics and a portfolio representing over 25 key verticals, our managed services pinpoint the perfect audience for your campaigns.

Let us manage your RTB!