Instagram Takes Aim at Pinterest with New Collections Feature: Reality Check Digital News

In this week’s digital news, Instagram adds collections feature, Snapchat announces World Lenses, and eMarketer releases new programmatic advertising estimates.

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Instagram takes aim at Pinterest by introducing Collections feature.

After earlier launching its bookmarking tool and having 46% of their consumers actively using the feature, Instagram has introduced collections. Users will be able to organize saved images and videos into categories, similarly to Pinterest’s “boards.” The feature can be used by tapping and holding the bookmark icon beneath the post you would like to save and saving it to a new or previously created collection. Instagram collections will be available on both iOS and Android in the 10.16 update.

Facebook matches user IDs across Messenger, sites, and apps.

Previously, Facebook gave businesses separate user IDs when someone contacted them on Messenger and when that person contacted them on the main app. Now, Facebook has made it possible for businesses to match the user IDs. And businesses can match a person across multiple apps, sites, and Facebook Pages if the person logged in via Facebook. Marketers can use this information to track people’s interactions with the brand and better target ads.

Snapchat announces arrival of “World Lenses.”

Snapchat has recently released “World Lenses,” a feature similar to the 3D stickers they launched last April. Snapchatters can now place 3D objects in the scene they are filming and they will move as the user does. As Snapchat continues to develop their take on augmented reality, they could make it even more interactive by motivating users to get up and moving similar to Pokemon Go.

Pinterest is becoming the go-to platform for ecommerce.

Pinterest has released new stats on the opportunity for eCommerce on their platform. Highlights include:

  • 55% of users shop on Pinterest.
  • 9 out of 10 campaigns saw incremental sales lift.
  • 50 million users shop retail, 28 million shop home, and 23 million shop hair and beauty.
  • Pinterest drives 5x more in-store sales per impression than the industry average.
  • Pinterest drives 10x more in-store sales for new customers than existing customers.


Twitter announces In-Stream Video Ads.

Twitter advertisers now have the option to include mid-roll ad content to boost revenue opportunities. To support the announcement, Twitter also highlighted new stats on the effectiveness of their ads. Across 406 Nielsen Brand Effect studies, people who saw video ads on Twitter were 50% more likely to be aware of the advertiser’s brand. They also felt 14% more favorable about the brand and had 18% higher purchase intent. The company says, overall, “video ads on Twitter are two times more memorable when compared to the same ads on other premium sites.”

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eMarketer releases new programmatic advertising estimates.

  • Programmatic display spending will reach nearly $33 billion in 2017 – and spending will reach over $45 billion by 2019.
  • By 2019, 85.2% of all U.S. mobile display ads will be bought programmatically.
  • This year, 56% of programmatic ads will be direct buys, while 44% will be bought through real-time bidding (RTB).


Native ads deemed more effective at driving traffic into physical stores than display ads.

People exposed to native ads are 21% more likely to visit a physical retail store, according to new research by Sharethrough and Placed. And, on average, the in-store sales lift was 300 percent more than a standard lift from other ads. A restaurant chain that was part of the study found that additional sales generated by native ads equaled 20 times the amount they spent on the ads.

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43.9% of customers want improvements on products versus innovation and revolution.

Customers listed mobile payments as the top technology they would like to use in 2017, according to new survey. While it’s not generating as much excitement as augmented or virtual reality, customers want enhanced mobile payment experiences. Also, voice assistants has been a high consumer interest this year, with an average of 750,000 searches a month via Google. However, one in five people say they are more interested in spending time away from their devices and more time connecting in the real world. More insight on 2017’s digital trends here.


Published on April 21, 2017

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