Is fraud putting your revenue at risk?

As members of IAB’s Traffic of Good Intent Task Force, Social Reality is committed to eradicating the problem of fraudulent advertising traffic.

Social Reality built the SRAX system on the principle that an active stance against fraud is necessary to protect publishers and advertisers. Vigilant attention to the latest solutions in fraud safeguards protects publishers from inventory devaluation and advertisers from ineffective campaigns.

How SRAX fights fraud. 

The SRAX platform incorporates third-party analytics technology that detects and blocks fraudulent and non-human traffic at both the domain and IP level.

Eliminate fraud at every step of the sales cycle.

The SRAX team benchmarks inventory sources prior to onboarding to ensure that traffic is clean and protect the integrity of the SRAX system. Unlike with many other platforms, SRAX fraud monitoring continues as long as inventory remains in our exchange.

Detect fraud with multi-point analytics.

SRAX identifies even the best-hidden instances of non-human traffic with third party technology capable of aggregating and analyzing multiple data points. From a site’s history and ad viewability to multi-site audience overlap and behavior, SRAX determines traffic health through several key variables. Any publisher responsible for fraud violations is removed from our system.