Facebook’s Messenger Day Launches Worldwide: Reality Check Digital News

In this week’s digital news, Facebook launches Messenger Day on a global scale, Instagram adds Geostickers to Stories, and marketers plan to increase mobile retargeting budgets in 2017.


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Facebook launches Messenger Day worldwide.

Facebook’s Messenger Day is a new Snapchat-like photo sharing tool in Facebook Messenger. Messenger Day appears above your chat threads in thumbnail tiles that preview the Day. The new tool includes searchable and categorized “Who’s up for?” filters. These filters include calls to action like “who’s up for coffee?,” “movie night?,” and “let’s go for a run.” Another unique feature are the Active Now indicators. These are green dots that will appear on Messenger Days of friends who are available to chat on the app. When combined, these two features combined make it easy and fun to invite friends to hang out with you offline. Learn more about Messenger Day here.


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Twitter adds analytics to Moments.

Twitter has rolled out Moments Analytics.  The new feature reports total views, unique viewers, completion rates, shares and likes for Moments. To view these measurements, people can tap on an icon in the top-right corner of the Moment in Twitter’s app or the “…” icon on Twitter’s site.

Pinterest extends its visual search technology to the web.

Last month, Pinterest announced a new Pinterest Lens tool that enables users to search Pinterest for related items. Now, the platform has extended the tool with a new Chrome extension that lets you search any image on the web for related Pins. You can also narrow down your search to specific items by resizing the selected area you want to search. The company plans to eventually add the extension to other browsers.


Facebook merges Atlas into Business Manager.

Facebook is integrating Atlas, the ad server and measurement platform it acquired from Microsoft, with its Business Manager tool. The Atlas brand will be eliminated as a result of the transition, but the measurement products will not. Marketers will be able to view reach and attribution metrics for their ad campaigns running outside of Facebook within a new “Advanced Measurement” section. Facebook says Advanced Measurement is currently in testing and plans to refine the interface and introduce more data as it rolls out.

Instagram rolls out Geostickers for Stories.

Instagram Stories Geostickers enable users in specific regions – starting with New York City and Jakarta – to attach location-triggered images to their posts. Other stickers may appear when visiting select neighborhoods and landmarks. Users can adjust their size and placement and combine them with Instagram’s other creative tools. Also, viewers can tap on the Geosticker to visit the location page and see other posts in the area.

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Digital News


68% of marketers plan to increase their mobile retargeting budgets in 2017.

A survey of more than 1,300 marketers in Europe and North America found that 80% of marketers are “familiar” or “extremely familiar” with programmatic advertising. And 66% of marketers report that programmatic advertising resulted in greater ROI versus traditional media buying. Also two-thirds of marketers expanded their programmatic campaigns to mobile devices in 2016, and 68% plan to increase their mobile retargeting budgets in 2017. Almost 75% of marketers surveyed said attribution is “important” or “critically important.” And 40% reported spending the majority of their budget on measurement alone.

New study shows digital coupons have a significant impact on the shopper journey.

A new study of 1,000 consumers by Valassis found that 84% of shoppers say coupons help determine which stores they go to, and 67% choose a store based on acceptance of paperless discounts. Also, 94% of Millennials are using coupons, compared to 88% in 2016. The survey also found that the consumer journey does not end after checkout. In fact, 53% of consumers scan receipts with a mobile device to receive cash back and/or points.




Published on March 10, 2017

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