Facebook Integrates Header Bidding Into Audience Network: Reality Check Digital News

In this week’s digital news, Facebook adopts header bidding, Instagram hits 1 million advertisers, and studies look into how ad likeability impacts sales.

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Instagram extends shoppable posts to more businesses in the U.S.

After a long test run with 20 brands, Instagram is now extending shoppable posts to any U.S. apparel, jewelry, or beauty brand. Shoppable posts include product information such as prices and a “Shop Now” button that opens the brand’s site within the app. Also, Instagram has created a self-serve tool that allows brands to tag products for sale – much like people tag friends in photos. To get started, brands need to upload their product catalog to Facebook and apply to use Instagram Shopping.

header bidding
Instagram is extending organic shoppable posts to any apparel, jewelry, or beauty brand.

Facebook integrates header bidding into Audience Network.

Facebook says mobile web publishers using header bidding can now join Audience Network through approved partners or open-source header bidding solutions. This advanced programmatic buying technique is more profitable for publishers and brands. And it will encourage more fair and efficient programmatic trading. The Head of Audience Network EMEA says that publishers who integrate header bidding can increase revenue by 10-30%.

LinkedIn releases Trending Storylines section.

LinkedIn’s Trending Storylines is a new feed that shows relevant news stories as well as personalized stories. The feed includes content from users’ personal networks, publishers, and items curated by human editors hired by LinkedIn. The company is hoping this new feature will enable users to expand their relationships on the platform and share their knowledge on topics involving their expertise.


Instagram hits one million monthly advertisers.

The number of advertisers on Instagram has increased five times since last year to reach one million. This big milestone is attributed to the company’s focus on small businesses and free business tools within the app. Overall, Instagram has acquired around 600 million monthly users, including 80 million business profiles. And the company is forecasted to bring in $3.64 billion in advertising revenue globally this year.

Twitter launches Producer API, making Periscope Producer more accessible.

Twitter recently introduced a private beta version of its live video streaming tool, Producer API. The new API lets third-party apps verify Periscope accounts and publish live video to Twitter. The company is launching this service nearly a year behind Facebook’s debut in the live video market. They hope to differentiate themselves by creating a seamless and higher-quality streaming experience. Twitter has also partnered with Livestream, Switchboard Cloud and Teradek to encourage broadcasters to use Producer API in innovative ways.

header bidding
Twitter’s Producer API lets third-party apps verify Periscope accounts and publish live video to Twitter.

Digital News


Study shows ad “likeability” outperforms ad viewability.

A new study shows that while MRC-viewable video ads result in high sales lift, it’s video likeability that has the highest correlation to sales. In fact, video ads between 7-16 seconds generated a sales-lift index of 164, compared to the 82 index for ads that reach the MRC two-second cutoff. And ads deemed “likable” generated a sales-lift index of 172, compared to the average index of 100. More on the report here.

41% of advertisers report influencer campaigns are highly effective.

Influencer marketing spend increased by 63% so far this year according to Bloglovin’. And 32% of marketing professionals claim that influencers play a vital role in their marketing initiatives. Bloglovin’s new report found that influencer campaigns are cost-effective, with 36% of marketers spending less than $5,000 on each ad. One big challenge is ensuring transparency in regards to disclosure for paid social media ads. More insight here.




Published on March 24, 2017

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