Access more than 25 Billion monthly impressions. 

Social Reality uses RTB integration and programmatic technology to connect demand partners with small and mid-market publishers that deliver unique niche audiences.

Find the best ad units

Optimize targeted campaigns with access to the full range of IAB ad units.  From traditional display to video, mobile and in-app, maximize your buys by focusing on the highest performing ad formats.

Buy only quality impressions

Our exhaustive url onboarding process and real-time review ensure fraud-free and brand-safe impressions. As a member of the IAB Traffic of Good Intent Task Force, Social Reality is committed to building fraud prevention practices that will ensure a safe and profitable online advertising ecosystem.

Depend on robust technology supported by an experienced team of developers

Our advanced platform is built according to IAB code guidelines to ensure full compatibility with partner software and seamless integration.  Social Reality’s proprietary algorithm drives return on investment by identifying the best traffic opportunities.

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