How much time does monetization cost?

Turning impressions into revenue takes effort. As a publisher your primary concern is creating engaging content and a must-visit website. As a company with years of experience in ad operations and ad tech, we invent easier, faster and more flexible ways for you to turn your audience success into revenue.

How our ad operations maximize revenue.

Social Reality offers a complete suite of tools and services to manage and monetize publisher assets. With solutions for managing campaigns, extending targeted audience reach and accessing direct and automated sales channels, SRAX focuses on increasing revenue as efficiently as possible.

Sell, monitor and optimize through a single interface.

Through SRAX, publishers can sell all ad formats across multiple devices. A proprietary yield management system ensures efficient delivery of bids and campaigns. Real-time evaluation works constantly to optimize the buying and selling process while predictive technology secures high eCPMs. The SRAX system helps publishers earn revenue, but most importantly its analytical tools and technology help them maximize it.

Access direct and automated demand channels.

With the Social Reality Ad Exchange (SRAX) and Supply side platform (SSP), publishers can sell video, desktop and mobile inventory in real-time, even to buyers who don’t have native RTB capabilities. This transparent and competitive ecosystem drives revenue while providing clear insight into channel performance.

Count on 24/7 Account management.

Whenever you need assistance, a member of our team will be available to answer your questions and assist you with SRAX. Each of our publishers is assigned a dedicated account manager who provides around-the-clock support live and online.

Make your Ad Ops easier!