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Take advantage of Social Reality’s advanced ad serving technology and seamless integration to build and run a vertical ad network.

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You know what impressions you want to target and the results you want to achieve, so why not take full command of your campaigns through our managed RTB or customized trading desk and DSP solutions?

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The powerful SRAX real-time bidding platform instantly connects online publishers with multiple demand sources and thousands of RTB buyers in real time

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to start earning revenue on your display and video inventory.

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SRAX App allows you to make your content mobile-friendly while saving on the development cost of building an app from scratch. You don’t need to be a developer to get started. You just need to sign up and have active inventory on the Social Reality Ad Exchange (SRAX).

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The Future of Advertising Technology

Want to know why our partners work with us?
We’ve built technology that delivers astonishing results today while facilitating better bidding tomorrow.

Fraud Prevention

We take quality seriously. The latest third-party analytics technology protects publishers from inventory devaluation and advertisers from ineffective campaigns.We’re consistently rated among the top suppliers for clean inventory and viewability.

Yield Optimization

Proprietary SRAX technology uses intelligent insight to automatically package and manage your inventory for high fill rates and high eCPMs.

24/7 Account Management

Our self-service platform is easy to use, but if you have any questions you can count on access to your account manager 7 days a week and depend on the expertise of our in-house technical team.

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